6 Things That Define The Bond Between Chandigarh & France Apart from Architecture

“Chandigarh and France are made for each other” says the PM. They have said it now, we as Chandigarhians have known this since forever. Since the conceptualisation of the city began, to its planning and execution, Chandigarh’s french connection can never be ignored. Chandigarh is France’s youngest baby and we all accept that humbly.

Here’s how Chandigarh’s acquaintance with France is an Unforgettable one!

French Architect – Le Corbusier designed Chandigarh

The Swiss French Architect Le Corbusier along with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret designed and conceptualised the entire Chandigarh city on the vision of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru as the first well-planned city of India. Chandigarh boasts of beautiful road links and sectors designed with open areas left for greenery and clean surroundings. The French cousins who made the city look like the way it is today were so attached emotionally to the city beautiful that Pierre Jeanneret even went on to have his ‘last wish’ of immersing his ashes in the Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh.

French Firm’s Egis International on Chandigarh’s Smart City Project

Chandigarh’s Smart City Project gets a nod of affirmation from the French Firm Egis International who are appointed as the consultants to plan the urban design of the city in terms of transportation engineering and development. Renowned to have catered to providing similar services to over 100+ nations worldwide, Chandigarh is the latest one under the scrutiny for this French Firm who has set up its base in the Gurgaon location of National Capital Region Delhi to do the job.

French Firm’s 24×7 Water Supply Project in Chandigarh

The similar French Firm that has been deployed to execute the “Smart City Project” in the Chandigarh region is al set to cater to the gap of demand and supply in the water woes for the city residents. In an initiative to cater to bridge the 29 million gallons of water in the city beautiful Chandigarh, the French firm is going to devise innovative ways to implement the plan which would essentially reduce water wastage in the Chandigarh city.

French Railways to execute fastest Chandigarh-Delhi rail link

French Railways which is commonly known as SNCF which is “Société nationale des chemins de fer français” or “National society of French railways” or “French National Railway Corporation” is leaving no stone un-turned to guide the UT administration of Chandigarh to set their high speed trains on their railway tracks to connect the Delhi-Chandigarh rail route in the city.

With their motto to increase the efficiency of the rail system and reduce the travel time of 245 km rail stretch between National Capital Delhi and UT Chandigarh, the plans and innovative ways have been devised by the French Railways to accommodate the changes. It might result in laying of new parallel tracks and setting out the major curves on the rail route straight, the project’s cost and feasibility analysis would be carried out by the French railways only which would submit the report on the matter shortly.

Alliance Francaise de in Chandigarh

Chandigarh region proudly boasts of hosting France’s Language School in the city which got established around 30 years ago. More than three decades of experience put forth in teaching the foreign French language to Chandigarh residents and students aiming for a student exchange programme to study their passion in Paris, mostly Interior Decoration and French architecture deriving inspiration from Chandigarh’s French connection of previous years. Catering to dreams of many aspirants, the French institute in Sector 36, Chandigarh situated among the green gardens is the most sought after one in the city beautiful.

Eiffel Tower Replica in Chandigarh

Yeah, sounds insane but true. Chandigarh has its own Eiffel Tower built on the lines of the one situated in the France which is one of the “Wonders of the World.” Located inside the beautiful Leisure Valley on the gehri route of Sector, Chandigarh, this Eiffel Tower replica in the Chandigarh city reminds beautifully of the string association and bond of Chandigarh with the France. 56 feet high, this Eiffel Tower in Chanidgarh city stands amongst the colourful hues of the blue skies horizon with the pleasantly looking green lands of the city beautiful.

Urban Planning and designed by Swiss-French Architect Le  Corbusier, Chandigarh is, has always been and will always be associated deeply with France no matter how hard one tries to break free the connection or the bond. The French connection of Chandigarh can never be ignored, even if one chooses to do so.

Yeah, one may call it imitating the foreign culture of France, but if that cultural imitation stands true to the beauty and ambience of Chandiagrh, we don’t mind being called as “Copycats“. Isn’t it?

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