7 Amazing Things That Make Chandigarh Girls Relate To “DANGAL”

1) Chandigarh being the capital of Haryana

Haryanvi Chhorian” taking over our “Punjabi Kudian”  post release of Dangal is no surprise to us. As paradoxical as it can get, the last instance of dual behaviour of substances proven by Einstein’s Relativity theory can further be corroborated by the  fact that these girls would take a bullet for a friend if required and on the other hand, leave no stone unturned to teach lessons simply with their typical accent to those who test their patience.

2) Maintining Discipline with a Danda: Chandigarh Police Dhaakad Female Constables

You may escape a male cop by making a puppy face on being caught, but dare not take a chance of enacting the same scene in front of these “ dhaakad female cops” as they unmask the real you. So, leave your acting talent aside and push yourself to follow the rules because breaking the odds we present before you our Female cops who take the entire show in their stride.

3) Independant Women

Brace yourselves and welcome Chandigarhian girls leaving their marks pan India in whatever field they go. Be it Yami Gautam in Bollywood,Kalpana Chawla who hailed from small village of Karnal,Haryana to the citizen of milky way studied her Aerounitcs from Chandigarh based engineering college to Neerja who needs no introduction for the laurels brought by her for her act of bravery for bringing laurels to the nation.

4) Make Way | Women on Gedi Route, Chandigarh

For people who have no idea how the concept of Gehri Route runs in the  beautiful city of Chandigarh. The two wheeler Activa Rides got promoted to Girls cladded in Yellow riding Yellow Vespas. Directing the entire traffic during those lunch munching hour leading the path, trailing them often were found people who mock the same women drivers in other cities. So, Make way for ’em these beautiful young ladies leading their way and directing routes in the city.

5) Growth in Sex Ratio & Litracy Rate in Chandigarh

The Education City as they call it, Chandigarh has once again come out to be one of the leading cities having phenomenal growth rate in terms of Sex Ratio and Literacy Rate for Women. Sex Ratio upgraded in numbers from 777 per mil to 818 per mil males in a decade whereas Literacy Rate shot upto 81.2 percent amongst women. Need one say more? Facts speak louder in numbers than words anyday.

6) Women Entrepreneurs from Chandigarh 

Mausami Acharya, founder of a healthcare startup Advenio, which develops diagnostic software for early diagnosis and XPLAT Founder Komal Talwar made it to the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival held in Israel in 2016 recently. These women have once again proven the fact that in a male dominated society these girls can not only come upto the mark to prove their talents but can outshine them in numerous other ways. Here’s to these women who not only created their own world of Empowerment but served society as well. We acknowledge and salute their efforts.

7) Chandigarh Nailed it in the Dhakkar Song

What more mesmerising and amazing can be to have the perfectionist Aamir Khan lip sing and perform on the very famous Dhaakad song in the movie mentioning Chandigarh as its competitor.Invariably, we feel proud from inside to have achieved that status in Dangal. Though for a short while but mere mentioning makes us raise our head high in utmost pride. Way to go Chandigarh Girls. Go out and Shine bright. We support you because we trust you !!


Oberoi Aneesha

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