7 Best Sites for Buying Instagram Followers Fast

You probably think that your Instagram post is spectacular, but sadly, your followers are on the low side of numbers to appreciate it. However, whether you are starting a business or a personal blog meant for your exposure, it will always be a nice touch to see many people follow your account.

Of course, you are free to take the long route; keep posting, invite your friends and relatives to follow you, message people to interact with your Instagram page. The question, though; how many people could you get to engage with your posts? How many followers will you get from friends and family who are not always guaranteed to be active on social media?

Good news! You don’t have to wait for months to have an excellent kickoff for your Instagram page. For as low as $10, you could get an instant thousand of likes! Keep reading to know more about these fantastic and affordable social media services!

1.) SocialNinja

SocialNinja is leading their game, not only with Instagram. Their comprehensive services also allow you to get many followers and likes on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and even TikTok! It speaks for their reputation. In addition, all their offered packages are 100% guaranteed. From their lowest package of 500 likes for $5.99, you are ensured a high-quality and fast delivery service. No gimmicks, no password, hassle-free purchase, just full 24/7 support. Exceptional service, wouldn’t you say?

It doesn’t stop there! The method of acquiring their services is easy and smooth. You only need to choose your warrior package, confirm your order, and enjoy their service. All are done through your fingertip! If you are looking for a social media service that would provide your Instagram page a genuine engagement, SocialNinja is the one for you! You can expect SocialNinja to give you a great deal. Get your likes for your new Instagram post with no bots, just real, engaging people. They are keeping it real with you!

2.) GrowLikes

GrowLikes stays true to its brand name; within a few minutes, you can immediately see growth in like engagements of your Instagram posts!

Building thousands of likes for just a single post can be taxing and, not to mention, time-consuming. If your brand immediately needs attention, GrowLikes offers a premium service of instant engagement. A month’s worth of likes is achieved directly within days of purchase. You do not have to worry about your product not being promoted during its peak in popularity because, through GrowLikes’ reputable service, your product will gain the spotlight! You are guaranteed not to be left behind.

GrowLikes’ services are easy to purchase. Premium, quality, service is what you can expect. By acquiring their social media service, you can expect an authentic engagement that would greatly help your brand to stay relevant against its competitors. If instant likes are what you are looking for, then go and grow with GrowLikes now!

3.) SocialFellow

In some cases, you might notice that your follower count is not improving while your likes are doing great. This situation might affect your Instagram page’s reputation once a potential follower sees your low number of followers. What you need is a medicine for your profile’s lack of followings. Where could you possibly get one?

Eyes here! Thankfully, SocialFellow is a social media service perfect for your needs. SocialFellow can boost your followings without you having to worry about bots. The added followers of your account are guaranteed authentic and active Instagram followers. Through this, you do not have to worry about first impressions anymore! Having a high number of followings can surely attract potential followers to trust your page and hit the follow button as well.

In addition, SocialFellow does not require log-in information for its service. Therefore, you can be confident that the page that belongs to you, remains to you.

4.) Media Boom

Media Boom offers terrific services when it comes to providing unique comments. For example, to add engagement to your likes and followings, Media Boom ensures that the words you will be receiving are from real people under your posts. So you can stop worrying about these accounts suddenly disappearing because of policy and guideline violations!

Acquiring their services should be easy, safe, and hassle-free. They do not require log-in information to boost your comments, so your account is secure with you. All you need to provide is your brand name, your brand’s link; confirm your order and payment, and you’re good to go!

5.) Insta Plus

Insta Plus is an Instagram-specific social media service that is confident of a substantial increase in your Instagram post’s likes and comments. Your post could increase likes and comments through their offered packages within a couple of weeks of purchase. While Insta Plus does not provide an instant boost, you could see the fruit of your purchase after a couple of weeks!

Their packages also ensure 24/7 support. For your security purposes, they also do not require any log-in information! So you can stop worrying about your account getting hacked. Insta Plus will work just fine with your brand name and its Instagram page’s link provided to them.

6.) Media Check

Media Check gives you options to pick your package. Their offers include an increase in likes and comments, a followers boost, or both! Furthermore, with Media Check, you can choose a package that caters to your profile’s needs meanwhile. Finally, it means that you can handle your budget based on what you desire to acquire.

However, if you feel it was better not to disclose any log-in information on your page, then Media Check might not be the social media service for you. Media Check requires complete trust from its consumers to ensure quality service. In cases where a page has too low a following, they might ask you for log-in information. Make sure to check with yourself if the conditions are fit for your needs and plans!

7.) InstantConnect

InstantConnect is a relatively new social media service providing instant followers to your page. So far, they are praised because of their excellent service from their buyers! However, you might want to ensure that your page only requires followers because InstantConnect limits their usefulness to followings only. Furthermore, InstantConnect does not claim to provide you with continuous engagement from your new followers, so make sure that your needs fit their package’s offerings! If you are looking for a service that would simultaneously give you likes, comments, and followers, this might not be the best choice for you. However, if your Instagram page only ever requires a boost to the number of followers, then you will be happy to purchase InstantConnect’s service.

How to Watch Out for Fake Followers?

By purchasing services from social media service providers, it is still best to check your followers yourself. Simply visiting their profiles may bring you hints about their authenticity. For example, an account with minimal or no posting at all might be a fake account. In addition, having almost no profile information, lacking a profile picture, and observing generic comments can also be signs that the user might be fake.

Is There a Risk in Buying Bake Followers?

To make sure that your account is safe from getting banned, avoid purchasing bot accounts as your followers. Real engagement is what will make your account grow, so it is always the best choice to let real people interact with your posts. In addition, having a high number of likes will not earn you money. Instead, it is a reasonable engagement rate that will boost your account! By keeping a reasonable engagement rate, it does not only focus on one aspect. It considers the total number of likes and comments, the number of posts in the account, and your followers.

How Can I Maintain my Number of Followers and Likes?

Building a good rapport with your followers is a foundation to maintaining a reasonable engagement rate. You have to make sure that your content is well received and timely posted. As a good habit-starter, you can make a plan about what and when your postings will be! Through this, you will see what post garners more attention, thus providing you with a better plan for your next Instagram posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you buy real followers on Instagram?

Yes! Social media services such as SocialNinja and GrowLikes ensure an authentic engagement, meaning your posts’ interactions are from real people. You can check for yourself to know. Visiting some of your followers’ profiles may give you a hint if they are active or not. Checking your comment section can also tell you if real people write them. If they are not generic, then you are most likely provided an authentic follower!

Can Instagram delete fake followers?

Yes, if the accounts are proven to be inauthentic. Instagram has specific policies and guidelines that ban spamming and fake accounts. Be sure to check your social media service provider to make sure you are purchasing followers run by active and genuine people!

Do the number of likes on the Instagram matter?

Of course! Like any other social media platform, posts with high engagement stand out from those with a lousy engagement rate. Having an increased number of likes on your Instagram account is a good thing! Not only does it boost your post to keep it relevant, but consumers who will see your post will be attracted to your page’s credibility as well.


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