7 Chandigarh-Delhi Flights Cancelled, 6 Flights Delayed in Schedule Due to Smog

As per the media reports, 6 flights flying on the Chandigarh- Delhi route have been delayed due to the smog. The delay encountered ranged from 30 minutes to 2.5 Hours. As per the sources, the reason for the delay was the low visibility due to smog. It is just the beginning of winters and the transport system in the country has already been affected.

Delay in Flights on Chandigarh-Delhi Route creates a fuss among passengers

As per the latest reports from media and Indra Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday 6 of the flights got delayed due to the poor visibility level. According to the news, theJet Airways flight that was scheduled to leave by 2:20 PM from Delhi left the runway 2 hours late as the smog continued to impair the visibility. One of the major reason for the delay in departure of this flight was due to the delayed arrival of the flight to Delhi. As per the sources, the Air Vistara’s Flight was also 2.5 hours late in Departure. The Smog has disturbed the flight schedule of almost every airline.

As per the media reports, the flights between Chandigarh and Delhi have encountered the delay in their schedule because of the heavy smog impairing the vision. Apart from the Air Vistara’s and Jet Airways, Go Air flight also departed 1 hour late along with the Spice Jet Delhi-Chandigarh-Srinagar flight.

According to the latest updates, the Go Air flight that was scheduled to depart at 10:40 AM left the runway around 11:45 AM and the Jet Airways’ Flight that was meant to leave by 7:45 AM left around 20 minutes late.

7 Flights Between Chandigarh -Delhi Cancelled 

Also, reports have come up that due to bad weather conditions, 7 flights operating between Chandigarh- Delhi have been cancelled for the time duration of 3 days. This delay and cancellation of the flights have created a chaos among the passengers and have hindered the schedule of many who were supposed to fly to and from Chandigarh to Delhi.

This new schedule with 7 cancelled flights will last for at least 3 days according to the Chandigarh Airport authorities.  So, keep up with us to know any change.

Source – Hindustan Times


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