7 Steps to Smoothly Make Your Career Transitions

Career changes, though frightening at times, can be mentally liberating in several ways. There are many reasons why we go for a job hunt: a higher salary package, favorable timings, happier work culture, easier promotions, better incentives and so on. If you don’t see yourself reaching your full potential in your present job position, you’re quite eligible to choose a new career. Taking a decision, resigning from the current and starting afresh is far better than regretting waking up each morning to go to work. Though money does play a major role, your job satisfaction matters the most. Thus, here’s your go-to guide for a career change:

Step 1: Do I need a job change?

You need to be sure if you wish a change of career, for you cannot have gaps in your CV. In any case, it’s wise speaking to a trusted family member or friend, or your mentor can help you decide. All you have to do is to be confident about your choice.

Step 2: What’s your next plan and how?

Think of what would be your next job after you resign, because nobody likes being unemployed. Understand your career choices and how viable they are. Though you may not have definite career ambition, you should think of the steps ahead for your job hunt. For example, you must have certain educational qualifications and soft skills if you want to succeed in the media industry – though you might not know how to enter it. Your goal should be clear about where you would like to be in 10 years – which needs planning and decision making.

Step 3: What’s stopping you now?

Now that you’ve decided you want to job hunt, why not do it today? What was stopping you from doing so earlier, and do they still exist? If yes, how will you handle them? Would you be ready to accept pay cuts, or will that affect your commitments in some way? Would this decision better your career prospects in the future?

Step 4: What’s your strength?

Things can be particularly difficult when you’re looking for a change from a blue-collar job. You must be exceptionally skilled to retain the same value at a different company, or you must learn something new altogether. If your job requires an additional degree or certificate, you need to think about that too. Thus, take a good look at your prior educational qualifications and skills, and look for opportunities that suit them. Transferable skills are equally helpful in blue-collar jobs, and, here, you have the advantage over your fellow interviewees.

You can even volunteer to test out your new skills such as accounting, marketing, project planning, negotiation and much more. Believe it or not, volunteering helps you grow your networking abilities as well and come out of the comfort zone.

Step 5: Network with the right people

Though you ought to network at all stages of your career, networking is important when looking for new career prospects, as it introduces you to your different opportunities and fields. Start networking avidly with professionals as they can familiarize you with contacts and advise you about them.

Step 6: Update your resumé

You must revamp your CV whenever you hit a professional milestone, as they showcase your entire professional life. Add your present organization’s name, designation and responsibilities. A portfolio of your experience gives the potential organizations a chance to view your work before they call you in for an interview. Needless to say, you must add your past volunteering experience on your resumé and mention references or connections, if any.

Step 7: Applying for jobs

Now that the ‘planning and decision-making’ is done, you can finally apply for your dream job. Go for the best job portals or send an email to the career inquiry department of the company. However, know that both white-collar and blue-collar job segments receive millions of applications, organizations take time to screen their candidates.


Ajay Deep

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