7 Traits of Chandigarh Diyan Kudiyan That Are True To The Core

Chandigarh, the city beautiful is known for its greenery, infrastructure, better and advance education system and great fashion sense. The ‘Gabrus’ and ‘Kudiyas’ make this city lively and beautiful and vibrant with their desi yet groovy swag that makes them come at par with any of the cosmopolitan city.

Chandigarh girls, without a doubt, are the most outspoken, however, when it comes to embracing cultures, no one can beat them. If you have met any Chandigarh girl then you will come across these below-given traits denoting their signatory attributes and gestures.

Read on these vakhra- nakhras of Chandigarh kudiyans that will push you to fall in love with them for sure.

It’s all About Brands  

Ki ae Gucci Armani piche rolti jawani…Check kardi brandan wale tag ni’ this line perfectly suits Chandigarhian girls as they are the biggest brand freaks on earth and know how to be a fashionista with elan. Using the best of cosmetics, handbags, dresses, footwear, shades and watches, Chandigarh girls have perfected the art of countering, flaunting and highlighting.

Chalo Elante

Chandigarh girls are the first to own new fashion trends. With a weekly visit to Elante Mall, they buy the trendiest outfits that have just hit the store.  Shopaholics by nature, no visit to the market is complete without buying something new.

Thodi Daaru Sharu

Chandigarh girls love to have alcohol and never shy away from it. Be it the thandi beer or vodka, they will not lose in a one to one competition with guys. Maybe that is the reason why Chandigarh women rank #1 in liquor consumption across India as per the National Family Health Survey.

Apni SUV

A true Chandigarhian woman cannot hide her love for swanky cars. When in Chandigarh, you will see women driving Fortuner with so much ease that even men get jitters. It’s a common site and men here love it.

Khatte Pite Ghar Ki

Chandigarh girls don’t believe in ‘the minute on the lips, forever on the hips’. Here girls love their food and gorge on lip smacking delicacies without worrying about the calories. You can see equal number of girls gorging on delicious kebabs as boys.

Partiyan Di Shaukeen 

Chandigarh girls love to go clubbing every weekend and enjoy their life to the fullest. Chandigarh girls believe in equality and love to hang out with friends till late night. Beware, they are not scared of anyone, if required they can abuse with a theth punjabi slang that will leave you in a shock.

And Thodi Sanskari Bhi

If the Chandigarh kudiyans can booze and party hard they also know to live upto the sanskars and traditional values of their family that they have been brought with. Chandigarh girls would always greet satsriakal to their elders and goes to Gurudwara to pay her obeisance. Rooted in tradition, these girls have changed themselves according to the changing world but remain true Punjabis with big heart and love for everyone.

Rooted in tradition, these girls have changed themselves according to the changing world but remain true Punjabis with big heart and love for everyone.

So, next time when you have someone as acquaintance with these traits, you can very well figure out- she is the Chandigarh girl.

Image Source: Economic Times

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