7th Pay Commission 2017 | All Important Decisions Taken to Benefit 1 Crore Central Govt Employees and Pensioners

7th Pay commission has been really busy this year in 2017. There are some major changes in various departments that are initiated and implemented under the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. With the continuous debate of 7th Pay commission and Government regarding the hike in the basic pay from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 21,000 or maybe Rs. 26,000, let’s just take a look back on some of the prominent decisions taken under the hood of 7th Pay Commissions recommendations.

7th Pay Commission Major Decision effective from July 1, 2017- Increase in the Annual Dress Allowance for All Special Officers 

Starting with the decision of giving an increment on the “Annual Dress Allowance” to All the Special Officers, 7th Pay commission has been bringing quite some changes in the government in 2017. All the special officers who are attached to PM Narender Modi are now given more Annual Dress Allowance. The commission has gone through 196 different allowances given to various categories of the central government employees and made the relevant changes in them. On the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission, the outfit allowance for the Indian Foreign Service officers and employees has been hiked from Rs. 5,625 to Rs. 10,625 per posting abroad. Also, the recommendation stated that there should not be a separate grant for the dress allowance and it should be included in the salary directly around the month of July. According to the new norms, the dress allowance for the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Central Police Organization, Coast Guards, and Central Armed Police Forces will get the dress allowance worth Rs. 20,000 per year.

7th Pay Commission Decision 2 – Hike in the Dearness Allowance to 5% | 1 Crore Employees and Pensioners Benefited 

At the Union Cabinet meeting headed by the Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi, the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission to increase the dearness allowance was signed. This 2017, the Modi Sarkar has increased the dearness allowance from 4% to 5%. This decision activated this July 1st.

7th Pay Commission | Pay Hike for Central Government On its Way

After all these decisions and changes in the pay matrix, 7th Pay commission is now continuously debating with the government to increase the minimum pay for the central government employees and pensioners. The decision for increasing the basic pay from Rs.18,000 to Rs. 21,000 is on its way and is most probably is going to be implemented by January 2018.

These are some basic changes in the Pay Matrix of the government that came this year on the recommendation of the 7th Pay commission.

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