7th Pay Commission Brings Good News for Defence Personal | Here’s What Changes

The Indian government has finally accepted the recommendations of the panel regarding the 7th Pay commission, that corresponds to the civilians for the grant of disability element to the Defence forces that was set under the 6th Pay commission. Recently the news has been floating that the center has agreed to the major demand of the Defence forces regarding the implementation of the 7th Pay commission. As per now, officially it has been declared that the government has accepted the recommendations of the panel regarding the grant of disability element to the Defence Forces.

This matter came to the lime light when this matter of deciding the methodology for calculating the disability element of disability pension was referred to the National Anomaly Committee [NAC] by the ministry of Defence. It has been a long time since the Armed forces have been seeking for relapsing the percentage based regime for a disability pension. Under the new 7th Pay Commission, the slab based system was introduced that the Defence Forces were not happy about.

 Defence Ministry’s Reference Regarding Disability Pension Calculations in 7th Pay Commission

As per the increasing demands of the Armed Forces, the government has finally decided to refer the matter to the National Anomaly Committee. The Defence ministry continuously poked the government to decide upon the methodology for calculating the element of disability pension to be issued in 7th Pay Commission.

According to the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare [DESW], the recommendation of the NAC have been taken into consideration by the government. Till March, 2017  it was decided by the government that earlier system of disbursing disability pension will continue with the new regime by the 7th Pay Commission.

Also, as off now, the Ex-Servicemen Health Contributory Scheme [ECHS] has launched a complaint and litigation reduction scheme for the grievance redressal of the veterans along with their dependents with the motto of increasing the focus on the formulation of the caring policy and implementation initiatives preserving the time as well as the resources of veterans who selflessly served their nation. This is one of the best caring policy that has been advised by the ECHS in response to the 7th Pay commission decisions.

Source – FinancialExpress


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