7th Pay Commission: Changed Pay Matrix Level To Increase Basic Pay | Check Out New Pay Scale

7th pay commission has come as a ray of hope for the central govt employees as well as pensioners. It has been reported that the change in pay matrix level will boost the minimum basic pay of central government employees under 7th pay commission. According to the latest reports, the fitment factor is likely to be raised three times by the National Anomaly Committee (NAC) that is scheduled to meet this month in the same context.

As per a report, the hike in minimum pay for central government employees is likely to get implemented from January next year under the 7th pay commission. The report further mentions that the increment of the fitment factor which is currently 2.57 times would raise the minimum pay from Rs 18, 000 to Rs 21,000.

Discussions of the NAC (National Anomaly Committee) will be followed by a report to the Department of Expenditure. If this gets approved, the matter would be put forward before the Union Cabinet, for the final process and thus 7th pay commission will come into effect.

7th Pay Commission – Changed Pay Matrix & its Effect

As per a report, the 7th Pay Commission pay matrix level has gone under a modification. The report further suggested that the Finance Ministry will be improvising this pay matrix level.

According to the report, the ministry has stated that the Pay Matrix starts at Rs1,18,500 at Cell one. It was further stated that this matrix ends at Rs2,14,100 at Cell 21. This level has been modified as stated by the government. This ‘Index of Rationalisation’ has been applied on the minimum entry pay by the Commission which corresponds to the successive Grades Pay in the pre-Revised pay structure. The pay scale under the 7th pay commission is expected to be raised after the approval of the matrix.

Pensioners & Central government employees benefits under 7th pay commission

According to reports, the central government employees’ unions had been demanding the rise in minimum pay. The unions had stated that the minimum pay should rise to Rs. 26,000. Besides the rise in minimum pay, the unions also wanted to raise the fitment formula from the existing figure to 3.68. It was stated that the rise in minimum pay under the 7th pay commission will not only benefit the working employees but will also be benefitting for pensioners as well.

Earlier, when the Union Cabinet approved various recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission it was reported that the bonanza will benefit 48 lakh central government employees. 34 modifications were included in the 7th pay commission. The government accepted most of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission (CPC), and the implementation of the recommendations are expected from January next year.

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