After 7th Pay Commission Declared as Last Pay Commission, Here’s What Might Happen to Minimum Pay Hike

7th Pay commission has made to news multiple times for now in regards to its recommendation if increasing the minimum pay for the central government employees. Yes! the news is on that 7th Pay commission is going to be the last CPC formulated by the government. No 8th Pay commission is going to surface next year, instead, the responsibility of reviewing and handling the salaries of all the CG employees is now going to land in the task bucket of Department of Expenditures. The last raising concern among all the current employees of India is the increment of the minimum pay as recommended by 7th Pay commission.

Minimum Pay Hike Might be The Last 7th Pay Commission Act

After entrusting CPC the task of adjusting and reviewing the salaries of the central government employees for 10 long years, the government is rationally deciding to end this ongoing system of CPC at 7th Pay commission. The increment in the minimum pay hike and Fitment Factor will be the last recommendation of 7th Pay commission.

The fluctuation in the decision of government regarding the minimum pay hike has put every central government employees into a fix. Last heard from the government on this matter was the rejection of the recommendation made by 7th pay commission regarding the minimum pay hike. The government has gone silent after proclaiming that there is not going to any alteration to the existing pay cycle in the government. The disappointment of employees and pensioners is inflicting clearly via threats of indefinite strike.

In the row waiting for the final decision on the 7th Pay commission’s recommendation of minimum pay hike are 48 currently working Central government employees and 50 Lakh pensioners. The news has seeded the impatience among the waiting parties and the threat of a strike is ongoing. Although the final decision on the minimum pay hike has not been officially announced sources have confirmed that the government’s financial system is reviewing different aspects and possibilities. Till date, it can be said that there is a minimal chance of evidencing the minimum pay hike that is recommended by 7th Pay commission.

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