7th Pay Commission Effects in 2017 | This State Government offers Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity

7th Pay commission has made many changes this year and with the ongoing debate going on over the minimum pay hike of the Central government employees. While the debate on minimum pay hike continues,  the state Bhubaneshwar has implemented the recommendation of 7th Pay commission for granting the Death-cum-Retirement gratuity. As per the Odisha Finance Minister, the implementation of this new Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity in the state will benefit 1 Lakh employees working in different departments of state.

New Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity under 7th Pay Commission to benefit 1 Lakh state Employees 

The new ordinance passed for the benefit of the retired state officials in Odisha has been passed to benefit 1 Lakh of the employees who joined state government post-2005. This new decision was taken after the recommendation of the 7th Pay commission in Bhubaneshwar. In general, the government provides the 16 and a half months salary on the head of the gratuity along with the 10 months salary towards unutilized leaves counted post-retirement. Although according to the government norms, these facilities were not availed to the employees who joined the job after 2005.

This new post-retirement and death gratuity has definitely brought joy to the faces of the employees who joined the government post-2005. Keeping the best interest of the employees in the head, the state government has now offered the death-cum-retirement gratuity for the employees who joined the state government office after 2005.

Bhubaneshwar State offers Death / Retirement Gratuity to Employees joined post-2005 under 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay commission has been working on renewing many different pay norms in the country. Where at one end the pay commission is struggling to raise the minimum pay of all the central government employees and pensions of all the pensioners, there the Bhubaneshwar state government has accepted the recommendation of 7th Pay commission to offer the employees who joined their state offices after 2005 the Death / Retirement gratuity. However the decision was taken to benefit the 1 Lakh state government employees, the decision is assumed to be a political move by the opposition party.

This decision was taken by the state’s finance minister to benefit the employees who joined the state offices after the year 2005.

Source – OdishaTV

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