7th Pay Commission | Employees to Wait For 6 More Months for Salary Hike

Recommended 18 months back by 7th Pay commission, minimum wage hike and increment in Fitment factor is still left by the government for final decision. It has come to news that the 50 Lakh Central Government employees and pensioners who are waiting for the minimum pay hike under seventh pay commission have to wait for 6 more months to evidence the hike. With a lot of confusion going on among the central government employees regarding the revision of the salaries, this news of extending the decision for more 6 months will definitely bring in more disappointment among them.

Decision Extended for 6 More Months for Salary Hike under 7th Pay Commission

Earlier the complete analysis of the 7th Pay Commission recommendation to increase the minimum wages of the central government employees to Rs. 21,000 from Rs. 18,000 and Fitment Factor from 2.67 to 3.00 was given to National Anomaly Committee. Where we believe that the news of increasing the time frame for deciding on the issue of salary hike, there it might have flamed the light of hope among them.

Previously the media reports were flooding in, stating that government is not going to increase the salaries of the employees at all under 7th Pay commission. This news has provided hope to employees increasing the chances of incrementing the pay for employees.

Why 6 More Months for Salary Hike under Seventh Pay Commission? 

Next question in mind is why do government need 6 more months for increasing the salaries of the government employees. This time extension is announced by the government to appoint the High-level committee. Previously in September 2016, NAC was formulated by the government to analyze the recommendations of 7th Pay commission, failing to do so, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has now decided to frame the new high-level committee comprising all the major ministries of the country.

Once, the committee is formulated, it will be given responsibility to provide a report on the issue of the minimum pay hike under 7th Pay Commission. The committee will be formulated with the secretaries of Ministry of Pension, Health, revenue, expenditure, posts, home affairs, and Science & Technology. Let’s hope that the final decision comes after 6 months as estimated by the government.

Source – India.com


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