7th Pay Commission – Final Decision of Pay Hike By January | Here’s Who’ll Get What

Central Government (India) is all set to come up with the final decision on the 7th (Seventh) Pay Commission for the Govt. employees in January 2018. From last many months Central Govt. employees have been fighting for the increment of their salaries. And it seems after the nod of Narendra Modi, Central Govt will take the final decision & implement the 7th pay commission by the start of next year.

2018 will bring a bonanza offer for the Central Govt. employees, who have been waiting for the implementation of 7th Pay Commission. According to Central Govt. (India) data, almost 50 lakh employees will be benefitted after the increment of salaries with 7th Pay.

Final Decision: 7th pay commission for Govt. Employees on January 2018

Commission & National Anomaly Committee have sent a report to the Central Govt. of India regarding the recommendation of seventh pay commission minimum salary increment. As per the recommendation of the commission on behalf of 50 Lakh Central Govt. employees, it has been demanded to increase minimum pay in between Rs. 18000 to 21000. Whereas the employees have been demanding a minimum hike of Rs. 25000.

Earlier in the month of July 2017, Narendra Modi has approved the recommendations of the 7th pay commission for the salary increment of 50 Lakh Central Govt. employees. And now the National Anomaly Committee may meet up next week for the final decision on the 7th pat commission and finally, the report will be sent to the Central Govt. to take up the final decision for the pay hike under the Seventh pay commission. And the decision will be out by January 2017.

7th Pay Commission to offer this much salaries to Govt. Employees

According to the officials, Central Govt. employee’s HRA under the 7th pay commission will be calculated @ 10, 20 & 30 percent with the minimum basic pay of Rs. 18000. Even the Govt. has been decided to abolish 43 allowances against the recommendation of 53 allowances under the Seventh pay commission. Whereas decision regarding the 12 allowances of the railways is yet to be taken by the Govt.

On the similar lines, Few state Govt are also contemplating on enforcing 7th Pay Commission for their state Govt, employees.


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