7th Pay Commission | Minimum Pay Hike Recommendation made 18 Months Ago Ends to Disappointment

There have been 7 pay commissions since the independence of the country and 7th pay commission operating currently has been working on incrementing the minimum pay of the central government employees. Although the decision of increasing the minimum pay has not been finalized still the word has been spread that the government is not going to pass the order of increasing the minimum pay of the employees.

7th Pay commission has recommended the hike of minimum pay for the employees 18 months back and still, the decision is pending. The government has been dragging the decision and this confusion led out by the media reports seems to be never-ending.

No Minimum Pay Hike Under 7th Pay Commission?

50 Lakh central government employees and pensioners are waiting for the government’s decision over the matter of minimum pay hike under 7th Pay commission. The government has been under a fix to take a decision on the minimum pay hike as suggested by the Pay Commission. After the sources claimed that the government is planning to ditch the recommendation of increasing the minimum salary of the civil as well as defence employees.

This recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission to increase the salaries of the central government employees was put on the table 18 months back and since then the government has not been able to proceed it. According to the media reports, the NAC was given the responsibility to present the complete report on this matter before union cabinet this month. There has been news that the government has not announced the decision but the media sources are claiming that the government is not planning to pass the order in favor of the 7th Pay commission recommendation.

What Might be The Chance of Minimum Pay Hike under 7th Pay Commission

All the 50 Lakh employees have been confused with what decision the government will take on the matter. Where at one end the media reports claim that there is no chance of minimum pay hike there, sources from the finance department of the country has claimed that the government is still thinking on the matter. Let us see what decision is taken on the recommendation of increasing the salary under 7th Pay commission.

Source – India.com


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