7th Pay Commission | Lok Sabha Presented with the Bill to Hike Judges Salary

7th Pay commission has been busy remodeling the salary structure of every department in the government. Recently, the news media companies confirmed that the bill to increment the salaries of all the supreme court and 24 High court judges by two folds was presented before Lok Sabha. There has been the ongoing debate on incrementing the minimum pay of the central government employees. While the struggle to implement the minimum pay hike is going on under 7th Pay commission, the Lok Sabha was presented with the bill to increase the salaries of the supreme court and high courts by two-folds.

Bill to Increment the Salaries of Judges under 7th Pay Commission Presented Before Lok Sabha 

After the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission to increment the monthly pay of the supreme court and high court judges by double. This bill was presented before Lok Sabha and as soon as the bill is passed and implemented, the Chief Justice will get the monthly salary of Rs. 2.8 Lakhs and Supreme court judges will get a salary of Rs. 1 Lakh per month. The recommendation of incrementing the salaries of the judges was next in line with the minimum pay hike under process.

7th Pay Commission Recommendations For Salary hike of High Court and Supreme Court Judges 

If the bill of increasing the salaries of the supreme and high court judges is passed, it will become a law. The high court along with the supreme court judges (salaries and Conditions of service) amendment bill 2017  also has the bill to revise the rate of house rents. This bill presented before the Lok Sabha and the order for its implementation is awaiting.

There are in total 25 judges in Supreme court that is less than the approved strength of 31 judges. According to the approved strength, high courts in India should have 1079 judges working, but at present, there are only 682 judges. This bill will not only benefit the working supreme and high court judges but will also benefit all the retired judges.

On the passing of the bill by Lok Sabha the salaries of the judges in India will increment as per the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission.

 Source – NDTV


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