7th Pay Commission | After NAC Meeting, Final Report on Minimum Pay Hike On 15th December – Know Details

NAC that is the National Anomaly Committee was formed to resolve all the disputed matters in the 7th Pay Commission. The NAC has decided to submit its last and final report on the 7th Pay Commission on the 15th of December which will highlight the changes in the minimum pay hike as well. The changes in the salary hike of central government employees will reflect from 1st April,2018 as opposed to 1st January, 2018 reported earlier.

Highlight of NAC report on 7th Pay Commission: Minimum Pay Hike

The National Anomaly Committee (NAC) will be filing its final report on the 7th Pay Commission on the 15th of December this year and claimed all the issues will be resolved before the implementation of the new commission by 1st April, 2018. The highlight of this final report by NAC is reportedly the minimum pay hike which is arguably one of the most debated issues in the 7th Pay Commission.

The minimum pay was set at 18,000 Indian Rupees by the 7th Pay CPC and was also approved by the Cabinet. The NAC may further increase it to 21,000 Rupees in its final report to the Government. The 7th Pay Commission had recommended a hike of just 14.9% in the basic pay which was the least among all the previous commissions. Sources report that the Government has already agreed to the minimum pay hike to 18,000 Indian Rupees proposed by the NAC.

Several Associations want the minimum pay to be hiked at 26,000 in the 7th Pay Commission

The Central Government Employee Associations are reportedly still not happy about the NAC’s decision and want the minimum pay to be hiked to 26,000 Rupees as opposed to the 18,000 which the Cabinet has approved till now. They demand a fitment factor of 3.68% instead of the 3% proposed by the NAC. It is to be noted that the existing minimum pay before the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission is 7,000 Rupees only.

They have also threatened the Government to go on a nation-wide strike of Central Government Employees if the changes of the 7th Pay CPC mentioned in the NAC are not implemented by the 1st January, 2018.

Source: India.com


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