7th Pay Commission | No Minimum Pay Hike for Govt. Employees – Is the Decision Final?

The recommendation of revising the minimum pay hike and Fitment Factor has been processing under the 7th Pay commission from past few months. The news of government waving green signal for the minimum pay hike came in September as a delight to the 50 Lakh Central government employees and pensioners in India. Recently, the news popped up online stating that the minute hope of implementation of the 7th Pay commission recommendation is now gone.

No Minimum Pay Hike Under 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay commission has been trying really hard to bring a revolutionary increment in the minimum pay of all the working Central Government employees. Also, the increment in the Fitment factor from 2.57 to 3 was recommended by the 7th Pay commission, increasing the pensions for the pensioners in the country. Where the news has popped up crushing all the hopes of 50 Lakh central government employees, there the concern of raising pensions for the pensioners is still told to be under process.

This complete failure of implementation of a Minimum Pay hike for the central government employees was due to the NAC reports. NAC has proved that these 7th Pay commission’s recommendation is not valid according to the anomaly. Also, in the recent reports floating online, the crushing news of no minimum pay hike has been revealed.

Light of Hope Still Blossoms among CG Employees 

The Disappointment among the central government employees has now been turned into sorrow. As per the union members, the hope still persists. After the news flashed regarding ‘no minimum pay hike’, the union members are looking forth to sit in the meeting with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The light of hope still persists among the central government employees and they are looking forth to meeting Mr. Modi. As per the reports, the issue of raising the pension is still ongoing. Where the minimum pay hike recommendation of 7th Pay commission has been put down there, there are still the chances of raising the pension for the pensioners in the country.

7th Pay commission’s recommendation for the minimum pay hike from Rs, 18,000 to Rs. 21,000 has been rejected by the government on account of NAC report.

Source – India.com

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