7th Pay Commission | Will Minimum Basic Pay be Hiked by 17 Percent?

7th pay commission is one such term that has been making the rounds of news channels, newspapers and of course the internet since a long time now. Many government employees in India were hoping to get benefits of 7t pay commission by Diwali 2017. But, Diwali has passed and there has still not been any official announcement on the minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission till now.

However, a news report on India.com has hinted at basic salary hike for government employees at 17%. This percentage is a good one but the question still remains – Will minimum salary under 7th pay commission be hiked by 17%? Let’s dig a little deeper to see what’s going on around the topic of 7th Pay Commission in India.

7th Pay Commission Latest Update on Diwali

While Arun Jaitley, the finance minister has not made any official announcement, Gujarat government has increased the salary of teachers in all government-aided secondary and higher secondary schools in Gujarat. Apart from teachers, salaries of all Municipal corporation employees in entire Gujarat state have also been revised as per 7th pay commission.

If you ask why Gujarat? Then let us tell you that the state has elections upcoming in few months. So, the decision on 7th pay commission came at the right time i.e. Diwali time.

Minimum Pay Hike under 7th Pay Commission

As per media reports, if we try to calculate the minimum salary under 7th pay commission, then here’s what the calculations say. As of now, the minimum basic pay is Rs. 18000 per month. If the Indian government makes a hike of 17%  in minimum salary, then the 7th pay commission will make the basic salary hiked by Rs. 3060. To take a round figure, let’s say Rs. 3000. So, under 7th pay commission, the minimum basic pay would be Rs. 21000. And hence, all other allowances will automatically increase making a significant increase in all government employee’s salaries. The fitment factor will also be raised to 3 times from the existing 2.57 times.

7th pay commission 2017 – What Employees demand

As of now, we are almost clear that the minimum basic salary under 7th pay commission would become Rs. 21000 from existing Rs. 18000 per month. But, the employees are demanding that the amount should be 26,000. Now that’s more than the double of what the government proposed.

Apart from Gujarat, few other states have also agreed to the 7th pay commission and have already made official announcements. But, let’s see when the 7th pay commission comes into play with all.


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