7th Pay Commission | 12 Lakh Government Employees Confirmed to Get Salary Hike in November 2017

As a result of continuous efforts of 7th Pay commission, finally, there is some good news floating for the Rajasthan government employees. The sources have come up with the happy news that the Rajasthan government is now implementing the pay hike for Rajasthan government by the end of this month.

7th Pay Commission Recommendation for Pay Hike to Implement By November in Rajasthan

This news that the Pay hike is going to be implemented in October for Rajasthan employees hit the newsstands when the Rajasthan Governor approved the request of 7th Pay Commission for incrementing the pay for government employees, last week. This good news came for all the government employees in Rajasthan after the continuous efforts of 7th Pay Commission.

After the Rajasthan Governor approved the Pay hike for the government employees, by October 12 Lakh employees will be getting raise. This issue of incrementing the salaries of the government employees has been an issue of debate for quite a long period of time now. There are many changes that 7th Pay commission has helped the government to make this year and is continuously hitting government with its suggestion of increasing the minimum pay for central government employees.

This decision of the Rajasthan government will not only increment the salaries of the government employees and burden the state government with extra Rs. 10,000 cr, but will also increase the salaries of the state government employees by 15%. This decision was taken after Mr. Narendra Modi waved a green signal on the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Since the green signal from the government, 12 Lakh employees in Rajasthan government are the first to get the benefit.

This is the first implementation of the 7th Pay recommendation regarding the pay hike. Where 12 Lakh Rajasthan employees are getting the Pay hike there 38 Lakh employees are still in the queue. So, with the happy news for the Rajasthan employees, it is a start in the implementation of the 7th Pay commission recommendation. With this happy news, the other 38 Lakh employees have found the light of hope now. Let us see that when the rest of government employees will get the benefit.

Source – Financial Express 


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