7th Pay Commission Update | 8 Lakh Teachers To Get Salary Hike & Benefits – Know Details

The 7th Pay Commission has been a topic of great debate in the country lately. There have been some long debates between the Government and the 7th Pay Commission but it seems like the arguments have settled at a great step. The 7th Pay Commission is likely to be implemented soon enough and The Union Cabinet has announced that around that the teachers of Government higher education institutions will be included as well. The decision will include all the teachers and other equivalent academic staff in State Universities and the technical institutes of the Government.  University Grants Commission has been instrumental to bring these changes.

Which University Teachers are to come under the revised pay scale of the 7th Pay Commission?

IITs, IIMs, IIITs, IISERs, NITIE, IISc, and 119 other institutes which are funded by the Central Government will fall under the revised pay scale of the 7th Pay Commission. The 7th Pay Commission recommendations also include 106 universities funded by the UGC and the HRD ministry. Teachers  and academic staff of  329 universities funded by the State Governments and 12,912 Government and Private aided colleges that are affiliated to State Universities will also come under 7th Pay Commission. The catch here is that the State Governments will have to adopt the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on their own in order to bring the teachers of State funded universities under the Commission’ revised pay scale.

How much Salary hike should be expected by the teachers after the 7th Pay Commission?

The implementation of this rule to bring the teachers and academic staff under the 7th Pay Commission will cost the centre around 9800 Crore Rupees annually. The teachers of the above mentioned universities and institutions that apparently earn between 10,400 and 49,800 will likely see an increase of 20-25% after the 7th Pay Commission in their income.

We at Chandigarh Metro applaud the Central government for this great decision which will improve the quality of higher education in the Indian Universities. The move of bringing the teachers of these universities under the 7th Pay Commission also ensures that the talent and capabilities of the teachers is retained in the universities.

Source: Indian Express


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