7th Pay Commission | Unbelievable Statement Came out of Finance Department!

7th Pay commission is the seventh of its kind in India since the independence of the country. The 7th CPC was announced to be formulated on 25th September 2013. Since its implementation, the seventh pay commission has recommended quite a number of changes in the present pay structure of the country. Recently the issue of minimum pay hike was raised in the news. As per the recommendations of the current pay commission, the salaries of the 50 Lakh central government employees were expected to increase from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 21,000.

Prior to the recommendation of the seventh pay cell, the employees demanded the hike of the pay from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 26,000. According to the latest updates, Mr. Arun Jaitley the Finance Minister of the country has made a surprising move of stretching the matter of minimum pay hike further by announcing the implementation of the new high-level committee to review the recommendation of the 7th CPC.

Unbelievable move was taken by the FM of India For 7th Pay Commission Recommendation

After so long dragging the matter and many highs and lows in the recommended pay hike, the government is still not ready to give the joy of increment to the most desperate central government employees. The hope of the employees was raised 19 months back when 7th Pay commission put forth the recommendation of the minimum salary hike in front of the cabinet. It was then when Mr. Arun Jaitley promised the revision of the salaries of all the CG employees.

Recently, Mr. Arun Jaitley has been failing to keep his promise to the employees. In turn, the unbelievable move of implementing the new high-level committee for the matter has, in turn, disappointed the employees waiting for the raise.

According to the sources, the new high-level committee is going to constitute the ministers of different departments. This committee will be given the responsibility of reviewing the matter of minimum pay hike under 7th Pay Commission. It seems like the government is failing to implement the pay hike and is just dragging the matter further to buy some time before announcing the bad news. Let us hope that it takes a turn of good news instead of crushing hopes.


Vaishali Sonik

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