7th Pay Commission | While 50 Lakh Employees Await Minimum Pay Hike, Soldiers Get This Special Allowance

7th Pay Commission: It’s been months that 50 Lakh employees are awaiting the promised minimum pay hike under 7th Pay commission. Recently, the news popped up that there is a good chance that government is going to grant the basic pay hike under 7th Pay commission as per the demands of the CG employees in August. Along with this good news, the media is spreading out the word that Defence Ministry has recently approved the clothing allowance for the soldiers.

7th CPC grants the clothing allowance of Rs. 10,000 to Soldiers

As per the word floating around, the Defence ministry has approved the list clothing items that soldiers at borders need to purchase as a part of their clothing allowances that are set at Rs. 10,000 under seventh pay commission. Since the 7th CPC (7th Pay commission) recommendation for clothing allowance for soldiers has been passed, all the central government employees are complaining regarding the delay in their minimum pay hike.

As per the reports published online the soldiers and Junior commissioned officers (JCOs) will now have to procure the multiple clothing items including – summer uniform, shirt angola, belt, woolen jersey, mufti dress, accoutrements like lanyard, badges, ribbons, formation sign, and chevron out of the clothing allowance.

Doctors Protest hit roads While 50 Lakh CG Employees live another day of Disappointment

The moment Defence ministry passed the recommendation of clothing allowance for the soldiers under 7th pay commission, the doctors have been really furious. According to the latest updates, the fury among the doctors for no pay hike has pulled them to protest against the government on the streets of Delhi. Earlier the central government employees demanded the minimum pay hike of Rs. 26,000 on contrary to the recommendation of 7th CPC (7th Pay commission) of increasing the pay to Rs. 18,000.

It has been months since this demand was made and till date, no decision has been taken. The hopes of all these government employees were crushed when the news came out stating that there will be no minimum pay hike for them. But, with the elections approaching, it has come to light the government is planning to pass the recommended basic pay hike for the employees under 7th Pay commission.

So, where there is a good news for the soldiers of our country there 50 Lakh CG employees and doctors are still left disappointed.


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