9 Interesting Facts About Kabaddi

Kabaddi has become one of the most popular games in the Asian part of the world. Even though it doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity, this unusual sport is also played in some European countries like Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Belgium, as well as Argentina and the USA.

If you are a fan of kabaddi, you can keep up with all the relevant kabaddi news on SportsAdda. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about kabaddi we have dug up.

Kabaddi Was Present at the Olympics in 1936

India demonstrated kabaddi to the international audience at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Until then, the sport was only known to Asian countries, mainly to the Indian subcontinent. In 1950, the All India Kabaddi Federation was formed and took over the worldwide representation of kabaddi.

Kabaddi Is the National Sport of Bangladesh

Many people instantly think of India when they hear the word “kabaddi.” Although kabaddi is indeed popular all over India, it is actually Bangladesh that chose the game as their national sport.

Indian National Team Rules the Kabaddi World

India dominates the field when it comes to kabaddi. Both men and women Indian national team representatives have won most of the kabaddi world cups so far.

The Origin of the Word “Kabaddi” Is Not Certain

There are many theories behind the name “kabaddi.” Yet, no one can tell for sure where the name of this amusing sport comes from. Some kabaddi lovers assume that the name of the sport originated in Tamil, from a word kai-pidi that means “to hold hands.” Moreover, some Indian people claim that the sport itself came from Tamil Nadu.

Kabaddi Has Many Different Names

Kabaddi features many different name variations across India. In South India, the sport is referred to as Chedugudu, while it is called Kaunbada in some parts of the North. People living in East India named the sport Ha-Do-Do, and the residents of the Western part believe it should be called Hu-Tu-Tu

Along with all these names, kabaddi has acquired a more common nickname that can be heard everywhere in India. Namely, kabaddi was named the “game of the masses” for two reasons. First, the game is so simple that literally anyone can play it, which makes it suitable for “the masses.” Another reason is the enormous fan base, as kabaddi attracts lots of spectators regardless of the competition level. 

The First-Ever Women’s Kabaddi Event Took Place in India in 1995

Even though Indian people believe that kabaddi is 4,000 years old, it took the nation quite a lot of time to include women in the sport. Women got their first chance to participate in a kabaddi event in Calcutta, India, in 1995. After the inaugural appearance, the Asian Games took 15 more years before finally allowing female kabaddi players to take part in the tournament.

However, the Indian women’s team took the matter seriously and proved that they are as good as their male counterparts. Like men, women kabaddi players from India hold the standard of winning at the Asian Games. They collected gold in both Guangzhou in 2010 and Incheon in 2014. Apparently, they managed to stay in good shape by regularly winning global meets at the Women’s Kabaddi World Cup.

Kabaddi Is the Second Most-Watched Sport in India

Although India’s premier cricket competition still holds the leading position on the list of most-watched sports in the country, kabaddi is slowly climbing to the top. The Pro Kabaddi League has even surpassed one of the world’s greatest sports events — the Soccer World Cup. Almost half a million people followed The Pro Kabaddi League premiere, thus making kabaddi the second most-watched sport on Indian TV.

Fans Choose Pardeep Narwal as a Number One Kabaddi Player

Every year, and in every sport, there is some new name that takes the title of the best player. In a poll regarding this title, the majority of kabaddi fans voted for Pardeep Narwal, calling him a “Record-Breaker.” Pardeep Narwal is a highly appreciated kabaddi player due to the ability to “score big,” which he keeps continuously displaying season after season.

Kabaddi Is One of the Rare Team Sports That Require No Equipment

Kabaddi is a sport that anyone can play. The best thing about it is that it requires no equipment other than the ground and a referee.


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