98% of Women in Chandigarh are Happy with their Life – HT Survey

It seems that Chandigarh leads the nation when it comes to the happiness of women. According to a survey conducted by HT Ipsos, a whopping number of 98% women in Chandigarh have been found to be happy with their lives. The survey was conducted on working women between the age of 24 and 40 and took 8 major cities of India into consideration. (Chandigarh was one of them). Only 8 cities were chosen for the survey as the number 8 depicts the date of International Woman’s Day i.e. 8th March.

Why Chandigarh Women are so Happy?

Chandigarh, being a modern city, gives full freedom to its residents. HT survey revealed that 95% women in Chandigarh are free to choose their life partner/romantic partner and live a life according to their choice. Gender equality is also high in Chandigarh. Educated people in the city do not feel that woman are less then men in any way. Moreover, working women in Chandigarh seem to be happy with their jobs. It’s not about the work pressure or how much they earn, females in Chandigarh are more independent, responsible and hard working. The job culture in Chandigarh supports gender equality and that is another point that makes these working women happy with their overall life.

If we go past the HT survey and highlight the young generation of the city – girls who are studying in colleges, then also the findings about happiness would be on their side. Chandigarh is a city where females feel more secure as compared to other metro cities of India. With a good decision making power, women in the city have an upper hand and are free to take the course of their life.

You’ll often see young women driving 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers on city Chandigarh. A lot out of these drive machines which we consider made for men like jeeps, suv, bullet or other bikes. This is another sign of the freedom & happiness that women have.

Apart from all this, here are few other facts that are unique about Chandigarh & Women:

  • Chandigarh has women only police stations. One is in Sector 17.
  • Chandigarh Police does a lot for women safety in Chandigarh. Cops keep an eye outside night clubs in the city and help women be safe & secure.
  • Girls & women in Chandigarh feel more secure as compared to other metro cities of India.
  • Chandigarh has a strong job culture with high number of working women.
  • Women in the city have more freedom to go out.
  • Fashion is another factor which makes Chandigarh women unique. Wearing dresses according to their wish and going out in short dresses shows the confidence & the change which is required. (unlike cities in Punjab & Haryana).
  • Clubs, restaurants, food joints and the ‘eating out’ culture in city is also strong.
  • A lot of women in Chandigarh hold top officiating positions.
  • Earning capacity is also good and there’s no gender inequality when it comes to pay scale or other things.

Ultimately, it is the happiness and the smiles that define Chandigarh women. We hope that the remaining 2% women who are not so happy with their life do get some happiness soon. Team Chandigarh Metro wishes all the women of the city a very Happy Women’s Day.

Source: HT Ipos Survey

Image: Topyaps

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