A 24 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Sector 8 Chandigarh

In yet another suicide case from Chandigarh, a young 24-year-old woman hung herself from the ceiling fan at her residence in Secor 8 of Chandigarh. The deceased is said to be a mother of 2 children and it was her son who first spotted her mother’s body being hung from the fan in her room.

As soon as the child saw the dead body of her mother, he raised an alarm. Neighbours came and informed the police. A case has been registered at Chandigarh Sector 3 police station. As per reports, no suicide note has been found and the police have ruled out any foul play.

The husband of the woman works at an institute in Sector 43 and they used to live in Sector 8 Chandigarh. The couple had 2 sons – one of them is 8 year old and the second one is just few months old. The woman was alone in the room when she hung herself from the ceiling fan at her residence. The family belongs to Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh.

As per a report published in HT, it is learned that the woman was suffering from a state of being mentally disturbed and was undergoing treatment from PGI.

In the past, there have been a lot of news stories about people committing suicide from Chandigarh. People who are in depression due to any reasons need to cope up with stress and find ways to be happy. Committing suicide is not at all a solution as you leave behind your family and other near and dear ones. If you find anyone who is suffering from depression, it is your duty to help them out of sadness and make them happy. Sometimes, a small effort in some regard can make a huge difference.


Ajay Deep

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