A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing Car in India

Buying your first car? It might seem like a distant milestone at first, but when you accomplish it, it signifies that you are succeeding in your field. Being able to afford your dream car finally, is a special feeling indeed – you can now commute to your office in comfort, and even go on that long-pending family road trip.  

A little heads-up here – you need to keep these 12 points in mind while sealing the deal on your first car purchase. 

  1. Do Your Homework

The following things you need to consider before purchasing a new car:


Deciding your budget should be considered your top priority before anything else. Also, find ex-showroom prices, road tax, and other parameters that determine the cost of the car. Ask yourself different questions, such as:

  • Do you want to install a better music system or seat covers?
  • Do you want to buy a vehicle cover?
  • Does your budget account for accessories?

Make sure you have a budget that covers your new car, and all you want to buy with it. Moreover, if you don’t have a budget, then look for a car loan. Get yourself aware with car loan interest rate in India and buy the car you dream of.  

  1. Choose the Car Type As Per Your Family’s Needs

The choice of car depends on the number of members in your family and usage. Get an answer to the following questions:

  • Do you want a hatchback or a sedan?
  • Do you want the car to run on petrol, diesel or LPG?
  • Do you want an automatic or a manual car?

Also, many car manufacturers offer safety features across models, like ABS and airbags. This is the area where you should not compromise at all.

  1. Best Time to Buy

Many car manufacturers offer a discount on a festival such as Diwali offer or New Year sale. Avoid buying a car in the last month of the year, as waiting a month more will ensure that you have a newer car model.

Garage Space

This seems unimportant, but you must consider about garage space before you buy your vehicle cause, after all, it is your parking where you can keep your car. Do check that the vehicle you are looking for fit in the parking space designated to you. 

Review the History of Your Car Brand

Go through the pros and cons of your car brand. Look for the kind of safety, support, and, the security they offer. Also, look for the red flags like dealerships, or poor after-sales services. 

  1. Go For The Test Drive

Once you have done your homework, there are a few things that you should do, while in the car showroom to be sure that you have a comprehensive look at the car of your choice. Here are the things that you should do:

Take a Test Drive 

Don’t trust anyone with this because after all, it’s you that must buy the car so it should be you who must take the car for a test ride. Take a few rounds and check the car’s :

  • Acceleration
  • Braking capability
  • AC’s cooling capacity
  • Turning radius
  • Ease of Parking 

Take the Second Opinion

Always bring a companion with you while you go on a test drive so that your relative or friend can also take a comprehensive test ride and can collate your opinions for the best decision. 

Get Everything Done In Writing

Car dealers have the habit of exaggerating things such as offering on-spot discounts or exclusive offers, to tempt you in signing the deal. Never take any decision quickly instead take your time and if promises are being made, then ask car dealers in writing.

Shop Around

Shopping around various car showrooms will reveal the best deal for you. Car dealers will try to woo you with multiple exciting offers so that you buy the car form them. Shopping around will also give you a clearer picture of the unique benefits that each offers.

Seal The Deal

Now that you have taken a test ride and now its time for you to seal the deal and buy the car that you wanted for long. It’s time for you to look for your finances. Here are things to consider:

Mode Of Payment 

Read all the terms and conditions of all the financing options. Moreover, choose whether you want to pay:

  • From fixed deposits
  • Cash 
  • Checks 
  • Down payment 

If you’re going to take a car loan to buy your vehicle, then look for the car loan interest rate offered by different banks. Look for what is the current interest rate on a car loan in India. You can take help of the online tool “Car loan EMI Calculator”. This calculator will help you calculate car loan interest rate online


Documentation is essential. Check owner’s manual and see if it matches with car chassis and engine number. Ensure you have

  • The insurance
  • PUC certificate
  • Sales certificate 
  • All payments receipt 
  • Original warranty 
  • Extended warranty (if any) 
  • Duplicate key
  • Roadside assistance contact details

Welcome Your Car

After the car is delivered, take a beautiful picture of a car with your family members. However, before you start your magical ride, do the following things:

  • Speak to the sales staff about the date of the first service 
  • Thank the team for their assistance
  • Read the owner’s manual carefully 

Now you are the owner of the car, take your family for a long drive


Ajay Deep

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