A Brief Overview of Grammarly, a Premium Grammar Checker Service

The whole world still relies on writing as it is a way in which all of us gets information about the world. So, many people have to take on writing as a professional be it a writer or a journalist or a plain teacher. Modern technology allows the writers to use the computer to make the process easier. It makes it quicker but it is still prone to human errors which may come in form of grammatical errors. A grammar check will be needed in this case so that the final document comes out as perfect as possible. One of the best grammar checkers that are available in today’s market is Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online grammar checker that help a writer to have perfect English grammar in their write-up. Currently, it is available as a desktop app, chrome extension and in other formats as well. To do the Grammar check on can make use of the free version of the application or subscribe to the premium version of it. Other than checking the grammar one can also use it to correct the spelling, punctuation, word choice, passive voice misuse etc. The premium version has extra features like human proof-reader and plagiarism checker in addition to usual and advanced grammar check.

What are the plans for Grammarly?

Grammarly has two types of services for their users. One is the most popular free version which allows people to do basic grammar checks and style checks on their document. The premium version has to be the best part of Grammarly because of its advanced features. You need to pay a sum of money to get a subscription for the premium plan. But the new updates will let you inside the world of Grammarly free trial which provides you the opportunity to get a whiff of the premium version. You can either get the 7 days or a 30-day trial. It is a test drive for people before they are ready to subscribe to the available premium packs on the Grammarly website. If you are someone who wants to submit fool proof documents, then do subscribe to Grammarly premium.

What do you get in the premium version of Grammarly?

Grammar check is an option that is already available in the free version of this grammar checker. But while going for the premium version, people will want to know about the offerings of it. So, here are some of the things that one gets in it:

  • They will get access to the plagiarism checker.
  • It provides you with the advanced grammar checker which is quite useful.
  • Along with these, they also give access to the vocabulary detector, readability improver, spell checker and Grammarly keyboard.

So, these are the things that you need to know if you want to check the grammar in the premium version. It is the best way to make the documents as pristine as possible in the field of English grammar and style. We hope that this will help you to know a little more about the things that they are currently offering.


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