Aadhar Card Might be Made Compulsory to Board a Flight in India

Want to Board A Flight in India? Take Your Aadhar Card Along or Else Don’t Travel by Air. Boarding a domestic flight in India does not need a passport. But if everything goes according to the plan, you might soon have to take your Aadhar card along with you to board a flight and in case you don’t have an Aadhar card, you’ll not be allowed to travel by air. This statement seems rude but is actually true.

Wipro to help Govt. build the Process

Wipro has been given a responsibility by the government of India to build a blueprint for Aadhaar-based biometric access to flyers. The biometric access will be available at all the airports in India. Wipro is an Indian IT services corporation. Wipro has its headquarters in Bangalore. Wipro will be giving their reports about the process by early May.

After the reports are given to the government by Wipro, the process will begin. The process will involve scanning passenger’s thumb which will help identify his/her identity. It is said that people boarding domestic flights will require Aaadhar cards while those boarding international flights will need passports.

Linking Aadhar Members To Air Travel Bookings

The aviation ministry has considered linking Aadhaar member to air travel bookings since a long time. Once this is done the biometric access will be available at all the airports in India. The idea of linking Aadhaar member to air travel bookings came out in a recent meeting. Various airport operators, airlines, aviation minister, and aviation secretary were a part of the meeting.

The chairman of AAI (Airports Authority of India) said that Wipro has been asked to build a concept. He said that the passengers will be asked to provide their Aadhar Card numbers when they book tickets.

This process will be very helpful as the passengers will just have to keep their thumb on the touchpad placed on the entry point at the airport. Once the passengers enter, this process will again be repeated for check-in purposes. This will definitely give air travellers an effortless and a smooth travel experience at the airports in India.

If you Don’t have an Aadhar

Worry. Go and get an Aadhar card made. You might also have heard that Aadhar is mandatory to fill IT returns and now, it is mandatory for domestic flights.

The air travellers in India will have to carry an ID card along with their tickets due to the security reasons. They will only be allowed to enter the airports if they have an ID card.

The government of India is also planning to make the Aadhar Card mandatory for getting a driving license!

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