Aamir Khan’s DANGAL Still Going Strong in China | Global Box Office Collection Almost 2000 Crore

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has been the talk of the ‘China Town’ post its release in the land of China after India. Well, the fact can be corroborated by the statistics that speak up. Breaking the trends and peaks of the global box office collection any ‘Bollywood Movie’ has ever made, Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has a different story to tell.

Crossing a mark of whopping 1913 crores in the Global Box office Collection kitty, the worldwide collection of ‘Dangal’ is not far from reaching the 2000 crore mark with its successful story-line of a ‘Father-Daughter’ relation bonding over a ‘wrestling’ sport.

Aamir Khan’s DANGAL to reach 2000 crore mark !

Believe it or not, but some facts do sweep you off from your feet, shake you off from your complacency, leave the grounds away from where you stand. Yes, that is what is happening with what Dangal has to show us. Aamir Khan never fails to surprise and earn laurels from his fans across the nations! This time representing the ‘Indian Sub-continent’ in a Sports related themed movie, Dangal weaved its magic and charmed many across the regions with the magical display of human emotions, especially the less-talked about ‘Father-Daughter’ bond with vigour and vitality instilled via the ‘Wrestling sport.’

Bringing laurels to the nation, the movie is based on the real life story of “Mahavir Singh Phogat” and his two daughters hailing from a small village of Haryana, India, who had a vision to bring ‘Gold’ (medal in sports).

Aamir Khan’s DANGAL : Highlights in China

The movie has carved a niche and broken conventions by beating the odds not only in Indian sub-continent as well as in Chinese borders. Here are a few highlights that will make you proud to be an Indian, as Aamir Khan’s Dangal will make you so.

  • Dangal is described as the ‘Cooperation among BRICS nations’ by a senior Chinese leader as an appreciation move
  • Net total collection of about $117.50 million made by Dangal in China, which is INR 1130 crores, an amount whopping indeed
  • Global Box Office Trends broken as Aamir Khan’s Dangal earns 1913 crores across all regions
  • The first ever Bollywood made movie to reach such an applause, respect and business in the world cinema
  • Dangal becomes the only ‘Non-Chinese, Non- Hollywood, a Bollywood’ movie to be trending the charts in China
  • Dangal lies in the first 20 trending Box Office Charts in the China
  • Screening Licence of Aamir Khan starrer Dangal, renewed by the Chinese cinema till July 4,2017

With Bahubali 2 fever still engulfing the entire nation, Dangal is one such Bollywood movie that has nailed it in the world cinema and shown the world as to what an Indian Movie is capable of doing. Stirring the world into one woven piece of human emotion bringing peace and harmony amongst all.

Crossed 1913 crores, well is it wrong to say Dangal is inching towards the 2000 crore club soon?

Source : Koimoi

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