Aamir Khan Decides Not to Release Dangal in Pakistan & Indians Are Appreciating His Decision

Aamir Khan’s Dangal not to be screened in Pakistan has created bulletins in both the countries as the Mr Perfectionist has always wished and focused on to having an amicable relationship between India and Pakistan. But this time, things are on the unusual track.

Reason of not releasing Dangal in Pakistan

Aamir who had played Mahavir Singh Phogat aka Geeta Phogat’s daddy in 2016’s blockbuster biopic Dangal, took this decision of not releasing the movie on the land of Pakistan. The reason behind withdrawing the idea of releasing the movie in the neighbouring country is, Pakistan censor board has asked to edit the scene from the movie with Indian flag along with the national anthem. The actor took the demand as the matter of pride and honour of the country.

Towards the end of the movie, Geeta Phogat wins the gold medal and the national anthem along with the national flag is played in the backdrop. It is that particular scene, which the Pakistani Censor Board had objected to and demanded it is omitted before Dangal’s release in Pakistan.

What is Aamir Khan’s say on Dangal release in Pakistan

Dangal is Aamir’s home production and therefore he opted not to release the movie in Pakistan on the terms and conditions of the Pakistani Censor Board. He considered it as the matter of pride and honour of his motherland India. Even the Maharastra Government has appreciated Aamir Khan’s decision and mentioned it as commendable.

More about India- Pakistan tiff on art and cinema

The tiff between Indian- Pakistan has always remained prominent in every field. Last year also, Pakistani theatre owners and exhibitors had restricted the Indian films screening on their land when their artists were banned from performing in India by the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA). The ban was implemented due to the political insurgency in India. Now the ban is lifted in both the countries in the wake to form a cordial relationship between both the countries.  In fact, the screening of the movie Dangal was being made on the demand by a local distributor there.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish that the relation between the two countries get strengthened enough that both India and Pakistan can prosper and can come up in each others’ support.

Source: India Today

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