Abhinav Bindra Opens a Training Center in Chandigarh & It’s Super Cool

Chandigarh – The place witnessing eminence and valour every moment is all set to witness another great event in its timeline, especially for all the athletes and aspiring shooters. A training center has been set up in Chandigarh by the Olympic fame Abhinav Bindra. It is said that some people dream, out of them, some believe to take an action and even out of those very few are able to achieve, and the name Abhinav Bindra is a perfect example of a true achiever.

Abhinav Bindra, who won an Olympic gold medal for India in 10 meter rifle shooting event is an Indian professional shooter and a businessman. He belongs to Chandigarh and hence chooses city beautiful as the perfect place for his training center.

Abhinav Bindra’s Training Center in Chandigarh

The training center that has been set up in Chandigarh by Abhinav Bindra is created in collaboration with Technobody, Italy. It is a center that defines class and you need to have some real fire in you to get a training here. The center is for those athletes who want to be more than the best. The vibes you get from entering it gives you one of its kind sportsperson feel. It has one of its wall, the jacket of Abhinav and his medals along with 5 olympic rings on another wall captioned by Bindra’s quote – “We think an Olympics comes every four years. It actually comes everyday”.

The center is equipped with state of the art machinery which has been imported from abroad. A visit to the place will reveal the place that its made to push the limits beyond the bars, its made not to keep or make you excellent but to raise the excellency of the word excellent.

Abhinav Bindra Training Academy Chandigarh – Features

  • High Performance machinery and equipment
  • Motion Sensors
  • 3D cameras
  • Digital screens which are capable of displaying athlete’s 3D images of his own body.
  • No outside markers required to check body’s equilibrium
  • Motivational design of the walls
  • Ambience of an elite sportsperson.

As such there is no comparison, but its the first time that Abhinav Bindra has an arrangement that will help athletes get a world class training. We are happy that this movement has started from Chandigarh and will be there in other parts of our country soon.

For an instance, people often compare Indian Olympic performance with China. The reason why China performs so well is that they have over 1000 such centers for exclusive training for any kind of sports. But this shooting academy initiative is first one and has a special value starting from Chandigarh, all credits to Abhinav Bindra. We hope India will produce highly elevated statistics for next Olympics. Lets be delighted for such an initiative and it definitely is great and one of its kind.


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