Get ready to pay more tax if you own a house in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Administration has revised the rates of the house tax that is applicable to all people who own residential property within the UT premises. This decision came from the Chandigarh Administrator Shivraj V Patil who advised the newly elected Chandigarh MC team to increase the house tax in Chandigarh. He said that a person who owns a house worth 10 crores in Chandigarh cannot just pay Rs. 500 as annual tax. The tax should be increased.

After the suggestion from the administrator, the MC team said that they will have a meeting to discuss the issue and a step can be taken on this.

The new House tax rates in Chandigarh

A proposal for the new house tax rates for Chandigarh residents has already been made. Here are the revised rates according to the proposal:

The new house tax rates in Chandigarh

Last year in October, the agenda to increase house tax was raised in the assembly but a final decision could not be taken. The rates mentioned above have not been implemented yet. It is a proposal. Let’s see if these tax rates will get finalized or not?

But this time the Chandigarh Administrator has clearly told the MC team that if they are not able to revise the house tax rates in 2015, then he will be forced to implement the new house tax rates.

Source: The Tribune


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