Adrian Morrison Believes That Building An Online Community Is As Rewarding As It Is Challenging

There are hundreds of people who have mastered digital marketing and are making millions of dollars, but there are only a few people who are willing to share that knowledge with the world. Adrian Morrison is an entrepreneur, renowned public speaker and a digital marketing expert whose aim is to expand his online community by teaching people the way of the digital world. Over the years, he has helped thousands of students maximize profits by teaching them about Facebook ads and e-commerce.

With his experience and knowledge, he became a certified education partner on Shopify and Facebook. He has mentored over 700,000 merchants and helped them expand their business. In order to reach out to more people and gain their trust in the power of digital marketing, Morrison even wrote three books and sold over 200,000 copies. Soon, he started conducting sessions for people in his hometown. He then realized that he could reach out to more people and benefit them with his teachings online. His weekly show The Profit Power Hour which he live streams on Facebook has over 150,000 people tuning in every week.

His show is a free guide for people who want to get their business started online. But success didn’t come easy. It took years of trial and error for Morrison to get where he’s at today. Morrison uses his own examples of success and failures so that his students can avoid making the same mistakes he made when he first started out. With more people moving to digital platforms to expand their business, Morrison is confident that with time, his community will only get bigger.

“Building an online community you can monetize is not a one day job. It took me years to build a community of avid learners who are passionate and working hard to earn a second income to support their families. I want my students to learn from the mistakes I made so that their businesses can grow and scale at a rapid rate,” said Morrison.

His charisma, experience and depth of knowledge in the digital marketing world has helped him gain millions of followers, many of whom are now earning an eight-figure salary. Morrison has single-handedly helped multi-million dollar companies grow their business with the help of Facebook ads while working on his own e-commerce business and guiding millions of online learners.

Morrison’s technique is effective because he teaches people to be independent. The market will keep fluctuating, but he believes that it is your ability to adapt to the situation which will decide whether you’re meant to be a leader or a follower. “Financial stability doesn’t come from a good job. It comes from the ability to create income for yourself, regardless of the state of the economy. It is the ability to adapt to the Internet’s changes and master new outlets before anyone else,” says Morrison.

Morrison’s got his hands full with running his own e-commerce business, mentoring millions of merchants online and coming up with sound digital marketing solutions of his clients, but he receives the most satisfaction when he connects with his online community and shares his learnings with them. After all, what good is your wealth of knowledge and experience if you can’t share it with the world?


Ajay Deep

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