This is how 2 days of heavy rainfall affected Chandigarh

After 36 hours of continuous rain in Chandigarh, people finally come out of their homes on Sunday evening. But major changes were seen in the lifestyle of people during this rainy weekend. Read on!

  • Rain made people take their woollens out . (Even those who used to flaunt their summer wear during winters).
  • Older people and other health concious ones could not go out for their morning and evening walks. It is reported that these people will have a long afternoon walk on Monday to compensate their routine.
  • Temperature dips by several degrees and reaches a minimum of 8 degrees. However people sitting in quilts thought that temperature might be around zero degrees.
  • No sun came out on Saturday and Sunday. People in Chandigarh could not sit outside in the sun to enjoy the winters as they had planned.
  • People could not wash their clothes over the weekend due to heavy rain.
  • Many trains were delayed.
  • 3 Flights were Cancelled as they could not take off from the Chandigarh Airport due to bad weather.
  • People kept indoors and city roads wore a deserted (watery) look.
  • Water logging was witnessed at few points on city roads. But no one was seen playing in this water.
  • Traffic jams were witnessed on Sunday evening when people finally came out of their homes.
  • Electricity played hide and seek in many sectors which disrupted TV and Internet.
  • Sale of peanuts suddenly shot up and dustbins were found filled with groundnut peels.
  • Some brave hearted and adventurous people went to Shimla to see the snowfall.
  • Shopping takes a back seat in the city as people preferred staying indoors.
  • Animals and birds were frightened by the lightning and thunderstorms.
  • Water level in Sukhna Lake rose up. However boating was not allowed.
  • People had to switch on their vehicle’s headlights even during the day time. Many of them forgot to switch them off after reaching home.
  • Youngsters were forced to stay inside by their parents. This created a tense situation in many homes. However no police personal or army men was called for help.
  • The city has seen maximum activity on Facebook and other social networking websites over the rainy weekend.
  • Women were seen in the kitchen making pakoras and other special dishes to celebrate the season’s first rain.
  • Newspaper vendors had a tough time and people were seen waiting for newspapers till afternoon.
  • People in Chandigarh consumed more tea and coffee on this rainy weekend. Husbands were heard saying “Chai bana lo” to their wifes many times during these 2 days.
  • People were delighted to see the clear view of the city after the rain stopped.

Image Credits : Ajay Deep

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