After Airtel & Jio 4G War, 2018 will be a 5G war in India between Telecom Sector?

2017 has been a 4G war between Bharti Airtel & Reliance Jio, whereas it has been expected that 2018 will come up with a 5G war for Airtel & Jio. From new offers to tariff price cut, Airtel & Jio has been giving a tough fight to each other in terms of 4G network. And now both the telecom companies are planning to roll out 5th Generation wireless network in India in the coming next year.

After getting started with 4G in India, Airtel has been now all set to roll out the first 5G network in 2018. Although Airtel & Jio has been competitors in a 4G market, so it may happen that both the companies fight each other in the race of 5th Generation network as well.

In 2017, it was 4G War between Jio & Airtel. Will it be a 5G War in 2018?

Airtel was the first telecom provider to come up with the 4G network in India. But Reliance Jio in the year 2016 took over the 4G network by providing free services to the customers. And in just a couple of months, Jio 4G added millions of customers to its name. And Airtel’s 4G market got down after coming up of Jio 4G. But Airtel competed with Jio & be back in the league with its strong 4G connection & price cut.

And now it has been expected that in 2018, Airtel & Jio will launch its 5G network in India. As to capture the 5G market after competing against each other in the 4th Generation network in the year 2017.

Airtel already Rolled out 5G Waves in Kolkata & Bengaluru

Likewise 4G network, Airtel has already launched its 5G network in India. Kolkata (superstar metropolis) & Bengaluru (Silicon Valley) have become the lucky places to get India’s 1st 5G network service by Airtel. As Government is also planning to roll out the 5G network in India by 2020. So keeping themselves ahead of Govt., Private company Airtel has started with its 5G service in the country. As Airtel has launched a 5G network, it may happen that by 2018 Jio also comes up with its 5G services.

Let’s hope India get faster with a 5G speed of internet in 2018.



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