After Jeep Compass, Smaller Jeep SUV To Take On Maruti Brezza

If the smaller SUV comes in India like the Jeep Compass, it will be competing against the likes of Brezza, Ecosport and Nexon

Jeep Compass has taken the Indian auto industry by storm and there is no denying that. Now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are looking to repeat the success with a smaller SUV that will be placed in the same segment as that of a Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Tata Nexon. With the latest piece of news it is apparently getting clearer that Renegade won’t be the car that we earlier thought of.

Jeep Compass younger sibling is reportedly in early stages and FCA is examining the possibilities of it using the platform of a Fiat car which could possibly be the Fiat Panda as reported by some news websites. The new small SUV that will be positioned below the Jeep Compass is being considered for markets like Latin America and Europe.

Younger Sibling Of The Jeep Compass to Be Based On Next Gen Fiat Panda

Jeep Compass has garnered quite some respect for being a reliable and capable car. Now to build a new small SUV on the same inspiration Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA are trying to find the best possible platform for their upcoming SUV. Unlike it was reported earlier, the Jeep Renegade platform cannot be used for the SUV as it will be too heavy for the Jeep Compass’s younger sibling.

Reports suggest that SUV that will soon be joining the Jeep Compass in the company’s product portfolio will be based on the next generation Fiat Panda which is a car available in many global markets. The fiat Panda is a mini car built by Fiat which has a higher driving position and SUV like stance. It is under 4 meters long and available with a 4×4 option as well. This makes it perfect to join Jeep Compass in India.

Will India Get The Fiat Panda based Jeep like the Jeep Compass?

Well Jeep Compass has done extremely well for the company in India and there is no denying that. More and more car makers want a product in the segment of Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Ford Ecosport and Tata Nexon which drives more sales than any other SUV segment right now. The makers of the Jeep Compass have already admitted that the car is aimed at emerging markets and India might be a possibility.


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