After Raising Racism & Sexual Harassment Issues, Power Sportz Highlights Nepotism

Power Sportz, Indias only dedicated Sports News and Journalism Channel, has been raising issues plaguing Sports in India and the National Sports Federations, which currently stand derecognized, seem to be a bit harried by the issues being raised on the channel. The NSF’s have stood to be derecognized by the Sports Ministry from the month of July, on account of a court order, that instructed the Ministry to withdraw provisional recognition status given to all federations, till they adhere in totality to the National Sports Code.

When images of the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis went viral in May, it evoked reactions around the globe. Indian Sport too started seeing reactions. Darren Sammy, A cricketer from West Indies, spoke out about having faced racial slurs during his IPL playing days in Hyderabad. Other Indian Cricketers who faced similar situations came open in public about having heard comments from fellow countrymen on the colour of their skin. The cricket controlling body in India, BCCI, was silent on the matter, seemingly with a sense of discomfort. Power Sportz probed and unearthed some startling truth about this lurking issue in Indian sports. Some former Cricketers were part of the show and used it as an opportunity to express the pain they had undergone in their cricketing career in India, for having faced racial slurs while playing for the country. The channel extended an apology to the players who had to undergo the pain of racism and keep it buried for years

The All India Tennis Association(AITA) also seemed completely on the back foot when a case of age fraud and sexual harassment came to the forefront of a debate led by the Editor in Chief of the Channel, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, an MBA, and an alumnus from the London School of Journalism, which revealed that the AITA was not in control of their own state associations. The show led to some immediate action being taken by the Chandigarh State administration, as the father of the minor girl who was the victim of molestation, was given a platform on the show to describe the pain and trauma that he and his daughter had to undergo.

Nepotism, as an inherent social evil in India seems to be now taking centre stage in most prime time television debates. The recent death by suicide of Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput at the age of 34, has sent the people of India in a frenzy. The vicious environment in the Bollywood industry created by nepotistic cartels has been blamed to a large extent as one of the reasons for the actor’s depressive state of mind. ‘It is very difficult for outsiders’, voiced a Bollywood & entertainment expert on the show, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, elaborating on the divide that exists in the industry between star kids and the ones without a star lineage. The inherent nepotism that exists both in Indian Politics and Bollywood saw some startling similarities. ‘Regional Political parties in India run like private ownership entities’, quipped a Political expert, who was one of the panellists.

Many television channels have been seen to be dedicating a large part of their programming to the SSR suicide case, coming up with different angles. Media plays a huge role when it comes to establishing and perpetuating social norms. Some of them may be doing a good job but the problem arises when they start positioning themselves as investigating agencies with the liberty to conduct in-camera trials! But, ultimately, TRP becomes the measure.


Ajay Deep

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