Air in Chandigarh Depleting | Here are What AQI States about the Air We Breathe in Daily

After the scary stats of air pollution in Delhi, the unexpected results came out when the AQI  that is air quality index was measured in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is considered to be one of the green cities in India and the recent measure of pollutants in Air has raised the concerning issue of depleting air quality in Chandigarh.

Air Quality, a New Concern in Chandigarh

The CPCC that is Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee has been keeping a regular check on the air quality of Chandigarh. As per the recent stats, the quality of air in the city has depleted in just one day. The rising amount of pollutants in the air has been becoming a great concern for the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee [CPCC]. Not only the pollutants are immensely increasing in the air of Chandigarh, but it has been depleting the health of the natives. According to the recent reports, the number of patients in PGI has increased by 50%.

According to the measures carried out by CPCC, from Monday to Tuesday the quality of the air has dropped significantly. Where on Monday the scale of AQI that is Air Quality Index was 160 and when measured on Tuesday the scale hovered between 147-240, making it one of the major concern especially in the industrial area. When questioned, authorities said that the low wind has caused the rise in the number of pollutants in the air above the permissible limits. The issue of Smog is one major concern and authorities claim to be figuring out a way to put a control over it.

Chandigarh Smog Increases Number of PGI Patients by 50 %

The smog has become the reason behind the increase in the number of patients in Chandigarh by 50%. Smog is very critical as it causes many problems like eye irritations, bronchial infections, skin allergies and much more.

This raising concern of Air Pollution in the green city like Chandigarh is one major issue. The weather department has said that the situation is supposedly going to improve within one or two days as the shower is expected. The authorities are keeping a serious check on the pollutant levels in Chandigarh and are trying to find ways to get a hold of it.


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