Air India to Offer Only Veg Food in Domestic Flights for Economy Class

It’s a heads up for those who like to eat non-veg food while traveling through air and are going to book a seat for local Air India flight in coming days and that too in Economy class. The national carrier is going to stop serving non-veg food items in its Economy class on local flights soon.

Reason being it wants to cut both wastage and cost that supplying of non-veg food in economy class brings in for the airlines. So guys, if you want to travel locally in India, through national Airlines and in a humble way then going “shudh vaishno” for two to three hours should not hurt you. Right?

No Non-Veg In Economy Class in Air India Flights

Now since airlines bear with us in so many ways it is equally important for us as well to bear with them too. Unavailability of Non Veg food or meals on the domestic flights of Air India in the economy class section is done for a big reason. The national carrier is going through hard times presently and is taking up measures to cut cost that comes with the facilities provided to the passengers on the flight to clear its liability of around Rs 55,000 crore.

The move of discontinuing non veg meals on the Air India local flights has been implied on those whose duration will be under 90 minutes. In December 2015 as well non veg food was ordered by the Indian airlines to be stopped from serving in the economy section of the locally bound flights. So its not a new thing to be happening in the Air India.

A Desperate Move by Air India

The discontinuing of non veg meals in the Economy class on domestic Air India flights is being considered as a cost cutting measure and to avoid wastage by the national carrier. However the move will not reflect in Business class and Executive class of the national airlines. The officials of the airlines have claimed that most of the passengers travelling in Economy class prefer to choose vegetarian food and have taken the decision upon deep examination.

Indian Airlines are facing tough times since long in financial terms and taking up cost cutting measures can prove very effective in present times for it. Seeing its evident rickety condition Indian Government is sorting to sell off the national airlines and is trying to attract potential buyers these days. Right now IndiGo and Tata Group is shown its interest in buying the national carriage which was actually introduced by JRD Tata in 1932 under Tata Airlines.

Source: NDTV

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