Air India | These Flights to & Fro Chandigarh Now Stand Cancelled

Air India has recently announced that there will be no Air India Flight to & Fro Pune- Chandigarh due to increasing Fog. The officials at Air India stated that the compromised visuality due to fog is the major reason behind the cancellation of the Pune-Chandigarh Air India Flights.

According to the official statement from the Air India officials, the Fog was not the only reason behind this decision. According to the UT Airport norms of operation for only 1600 hrs, have also forced Air India to cancel the flights between Pune and Chandigarh. The operation hours of the Chandigarh International Airport has been lowered due to the ongoing work on improving the runway.

Pune-Chandigarh Air India Flights Canceled 

According to the media sources and Air India announcements, the flights AI 813 and AI 814 operating between Pune and Chandigarh have been canceled due to fog. These flights are scheduled to remain shut from 27th December to 15th January. Following January, the flight will also not resume as the full closure of the Airport by the end of February has been announced for the completion of runway project. The flight, therefore, will remain canceled for the duration of February. According to the sources, the Air India has planned to give the full refund to the passengers who have a booking for the flight in this duration.

Fog Delays Flights Between Delhi & Chandigarh 

Along with the news of the cancellation of Air India flights between Pune and Chandigarh, the sources have also confirmed that many flights between UT and Delhi are getting delayed because of the Fog. Coming to the numbers, as per some of the media sources in total 15 flights from Delhi were delayed by 2 hours last Friday creating a chaos among the passengers and ground staff. It is true that every year in winters the commutation across the country gets affected, but still, the authorities are unable to manage the situation properly.

The Airport authorities have instructed the airlines to deal with the delay situation peacefully and systematically. After the news of delay of the flights, Air India has come up with the devastating news of the cancellation of two flights AI813 and AI 814 between Pune and Chandigarh until February 2018.

Source – Times of India 


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