Air India Starts a Direct Flight Connecting Chandigarh & Pune

We all know that Chandigarh International Airport has started international flights and is increasing the direct connectivity from Chandigarh to different parts of the world. Apart from this, we heard the news of more domestic flights on cards to connect Chandigarh with major cities of India. Taking the step further, Air India has launched new direct domestic flight from Chandigarh to Pune. The flight is all set to take off on 16th January.

It is the first flight that will connect Chandigarh with Pune by Air India. The flight will run 5 days a week i.e Monday to Friday. The total number of flights from Chandigarh International Airport will now increase to 23 with this flight.

Chandigarh to Pune flight details

Flight number- AI 813

Departure time- 10:50 AM

Arrival time- 1:20 PM

Total flight time- 2 hours 30 min

Fare (1 adult)- Rs. 6052 (Economy class) approximate.

Pune to Chandigarh flight details

Flight number- AI- 814

Departure time- 2:00 PM

Arrival time- 4:30 PM

Total flight time- 2 hours 30 min

Fare (1 adult)- Rs. 6043 (Economy class) approximate.

Whereas the round trip between Chandigarh and Pune route for 1 adult will cost some where around Rs. 12095.

Airbus A-320 will be operating on the route between Chandigarh and Pune. It will carry approx 168 passengers at one time. Till now the only direct connectivity between Chandigarh and Pune was 1 train that takes more than 1 day to reach its destination, but as of now the people of Chandigarh can opt for the direct flight to reach Pune in just two and a half hours. This will also save huge time of the passengers between Chandigarh and Pune.

It is expected that more flights to will take off from the Chandigarh International Airport in 2017 to different destinations of the world.

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