Air Travel Cost From Chandigarh Int. Airport Set To Increase | Likely To Be 25% Costlier

In concerning news for air travelers of the Chandigarh city air travel from Chandigarh is set to become costlier.  The Chandigarh airport is maintained by the Indian Air Force which has started repair work on the runway. 11 out of the total 38 flights have been grounded at the airport.

The reports also confirm that there will be no flights operational from the Chandigarh airport on Sundays. The repair work started from Tuesday this week and will reportedly take another 18 months. The flights from Chandigarh have been halved to reduce air traffic and thus the availability of seats for passengers has also come down. Earlier there were two flights to Jaipur with a combined capacity of 150 seats. Now one of the flights from Chandigarh has been cancelled and the number of seats has come down to 70.

Which flights may be affected the most from Chandigarh:

As per our sources the Chandigarh-Mumbai flight which saw huge passenger traffic now costs around 5000 rupees as opposed to the earlier 3500-4000.

The fares from Chandigarh may have risen from 15% to 25% and they don’t seem to come down for another year and a half. The Chandigarh-Jaipur flight used to cost 3000-3500 a seat but has already risen to 4800. Rajasthan tourism is at its peak in the winters and the fares may go up further.

The fares of IT hubs Bangalore and Hyderabad have also gone up by 15%-20% due to the strong presence of IT sector in the Chandigarh city. The airfare for Chandigarh-Bangalore has already crossed 5000 rupees which is a direct 20% increase as opposed to last year.

Looks like the troubles for Chandigarh airport may stay longer than we think:.

The Indian Air Force which manages the air traffic at the Chandigarh airport has reduced the watch hours from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On top of that there will be no operational flights on Sundays. To make things worse the IAF may shut down operations of the Chandigarh Airport for an entire month on at least two occasions in the next year and a half.

The airport authority Of India claims that the passenger traffic in Chandigarh has grown from 1 lakh passengers in 2006 to 17 lakhs in 2017. But due to the flight reduction it may not see much growth in the next two years

Source: Hindustan Times


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