Airtel Launches Add-On Packs 49 & 193 for 4G Data to Compete With Jio Add-on Packs

Bharti Airtel has launched two new add-on packs for prepaid users. The two new add-on plans are Airtel Plan 193 and Airtel Plan 49. These Add-on packs of Airtel are currently available for prepaid users of Punjab and for some other states too. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi & Telangana has also same packs. Maybe the two Add-On packs will become open market plans in future. Here are the full details of Airtel Add-On pack.

Airtel Add-On Pack 49 Details

This is the smallest add-on pack of Airtel. The 49 pack of Airtel offers only 1GB data. This add-on pack of Airtel will add 1GB data to the existing plan. For example, if you are subscribed to or if you are using the 349 plan of Airtel that offers 2.5GB data per day then extra 1GB will be added to the plan. The validity remains the same as the current running plan, i.e the validity of 349 plan. In 399 plan the validity is 70 days so in this case, the add-on pack validity will be 70 days.

Airtel Add-On Pack 193 Details

The 193 Add-on pack of Airtel is the best add-on pack that gives tough competition to Jio Add-on pack. In the Airtel 193 Prepaid Add-On Pack, users will get extra 1GB data per day and the validity of the plan remain same to the existing plan. This is the best offer of Airtel.

For example, if you are subscribed to Airtel 448 plan that offers 1.4GB data per day for 84 days then by adding the add-on plan you will get 2.4GB data per day instead of 1.4GB data. the 193 prepaid add-on plan automatically adds 1GB daily data. The validity of the plan remains same. If you subscribed to 448 plan on 1 March and also added the add-on pack 193 on same data then the validity of the add-on pack will over when the pack 448 will over.

Jio Add-On Packs

Jio Add-on packs start from Rs.11 to 101. These packs give a fixed amount of data. The validity of the plan remains same. The add-on pack of Jio are as follows, Rs.11 add-on pack offers 400MB data, Add-on Pack 21 offers 1GB data, add-on pack 51 offers 3GB data and add-on pack 101 offers 6GB total data. So there is a fixed amount of data in the packs. While in case of Airtel Add-on pack 193 it gives data according to the base plan.



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