Airtel 4G Best Plans Under 500 With Unlimited Calling & 4G Data

Bharti Airtel has many Airtel 4G Best plans that offer its prepaid users unlimited calling and data. Airtel 4G Best prepaid plan starts at 199 and goes up to 799. With all these plans listed below users will get free calling with free 4G data usage. These plans of Airtel gives tough competition to all plan of Reliance Jio. Here we have created a list of Airtel Best 4G plan that offers unlimited data and unlimited calls. Check it out and find out which one is better for you.

Airtel 4G Best Plans Under 500 With Unlimited Calling & 4G Data

Airtel 4G 799 Plan – The first plan that comes in Airtel 4G Best plans list is the Airtel prepaid plan 799. In the 799 plan of Airtel, prepaid users will get Unlimited Local and STD calls. All Roaming Incoming and Outgoing calls are free on this plan of Airtel. In the 799 plan of Airtel prepaid users will get unlimited Free SMS. Talking about the free data, Airtel 799 pan offers 3.5GB data per day. The validity of the Airtel prepaid plan 799 is 28 days.

Airtel 4G 549 Plan – The second best plan of Airtel 4g for prepaid users is the Airtel 549 plan. This plan comes with a validity of 28 days. Under this plan, users will get free local calls, free STD calls, and Free roaming calls. Users will also get Unlimited local and National SMS in this plan. Users of this plan will get 84GB 4G data and the daily limit of data usage in this pack is 3GB.


Airtel 4G 448 Plan – The next plan in the list of Airtel 4G best plans is the plan 448. This is the best selling plan of Airtel. The plan comes with a validity of 70 days and offers its users free calling including Local, STD and Roaming. Users will also get free unlimited SMS in this plan. The free data in this plan is 70GB and the daily data usage limit is 1GB.

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Airtel 4G 349 Plan – Next best plan of Airtel is the Airtel 349 plan. This is the best monthly plan of Airtel. The 349 plan of Airtel comes with 2GB daily data usage and this prepaid plan of Airtel offers all free calls including Local, STD, & Roaming Calls. The validity of Airtel Recharge plan 349 is 28 days.

Airtel 4G 199 Plan – Airtel 199 plan is also on the list of Best plans of Airtel. This plan of Airtel comes with free calling to local, STD and Roaming calls. The plan 199 of Airtel offers its users Unlimited Local and STD SMS. The free data in this plan is 1GB. The validity of Airtel 199 plan is 28 days.

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