Airtel Takes on Jio by Launching a 4G Feature Phone At An Effective Price of Rs. 1399 | Check Details

Airtel has finally launched the new Airtel 4G phone it was developing and it carries a price tag of 1399 only. We have honestly never seen such amount of competition among India telecom companies. Since the launch of JIO services last year, all the telecom companies like Airtel and Vodafone are trying to regain their lost market share. And now when JIO and Airtel 4G phone have announced their cheap 4G phones the market saw chaos and nothing else.

Everyone has a clear perspective of what is happening. Since JIO 4G is the cheapest cellular service in the market the focus of the Indian telecom industry is to offer cheap 4G handsets for rural India. Everyone wants to join the bandwagon from Nokia to Airtel. Both these companies had announced their plans to launch affordable 4G smart phones to rival the JIO 4G feature phone and now the latest news is that Airtel has already launched its Airtel 4G phone.

Airtel 4G phone is none other than the Karbonn A40 launched in the country a while ago. The company has tied up with Karbonn mobiles and will offer the phone for cheap 4G services.

Why the Airtel 4G smartphone better than the JIO 4G feature phone?

Airtel 4G phone does tick some boxes that JIO misses out and that is clearly the reason we explain as to why you should buy the Airtel 4G smart phone instead. Airtel 4G smart phone is not a cheap feature phone. It is a fully fledged smart phone that runs on Android 7, Nougat. It comes with a host of features that won’t be available on the JIO 4G phone. The biggest features being a touch screen and the availability of apps in the Android Play Store in the Airtel 4G phone.

Airtel 4G phone also took a dig at the JIO 4G phone at the launch event by saying that you will not have to return the phone to get your security amount back. Once you pay for the phone it is yours for a lifetime.

Price and Availability of the Airtel 4G phone:

The Airtel 4G Phone has been launched in the Indian market today and can be bought from a variety of stores offline and online including the Airtel Home Stores in the country. The Airtel 4G phone which is essentially a Karbonn A40 carries a price tag of 3499INR. You have to pay 2899INR when you are buying the smart phone upfront. However, if you recharge your Airtel number in the Airtel 4G phone with at least 3000 rupees in 18 months you can get a cashback of Rs 500. Another 1000 Rupees cash back will be received if you recharge by 3000INR over the course of next 18 months. The Airtel 4G phone cash back will be received in the Airtel Payment Bank Account of the customer.

Nokia is also readying a 4G feature phone. Read about it ‘here’.

Nokia Plans to Make a 4G Feature Phone for India | Will Compete With Jio & Airtel

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