Airtel Launches Another 4G VoLTE Phone In Partnership With Intex At An Effective Price Of 1649 Rupees

Airtel has partnered up with Intex to launch Aqua range of 4G VoLTE smart phones for as low as 1649 Rupees effectively. One might think that the storm once started by the JIO 4G phone might have settled but India’s largest telecom operator Airtel surely feels strongly about that. Airtel has launched another set of Aqua 4G VoLTE smartphone in partnership with Intex this time. IT had recently partnered with Karbonn and Celkon to offer affordable 4G VoLTE handsets. Like Karbonn and Celkon, Airtel has partnered with Intex to launch 4G VoLTE smart phones which end up being effectively for the same price as that of the JIO 4G phone.

Intex Aqua Lions N1 smartphone: Airtel 4G VoLTE

The cheapest smart phone by Intex for Airtel 4G VoLTE scheme is the Aqua Lions N1 which comes with a 4 inch touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.1 MHz quad-core mediatek processor, and a 2MP-0.3MP camera pair. The Intex Lions N1 costs 3149 Rupees but if you recharge your Airtel 4G VoLTE number with minimum 169 Rupees for 18 months you get a cashback of 500 and another 1000 after recharging it with the same 169 plan for a total 36 months. Thus after a cashback of 1500 Rupees in 36 months, the effective price of the Intex Aqua Lions N1 Airtel 4G VoLTE phone will be 1649 Rupees.

Intex Aqua A4: Airtel 4G VoLTE

Intex Aqua A4 is an upgrade from the Lions N1 and features a better 1.3 MHz mediatek processor and a 5MP-2MP camera setup. The RAM is the same 1GB and 8GB on board storage but the battery is slightly better at 1750mAh. At a price of 3499, it costs effectively 1999 Rupees after the same Airtel 4G VoLTE recharge of 169 Rupees for 36 months.

Intex Aqua S3: Airtel 4G VoLTE

The Intex Aqua S3 is the best of the three under the Airtel 4G VoLTE scheme. It comes with a 5-inch touch screen, 1.3 MHz processor, 2GB/8GB memory combination, and a 8MP-5MP camera setup. There is additionally a bigger battery on the Intex Aqua S3 at 2450mAh and the asking price is 5879 Rupees. However, after a cashback of 500 in eighteen months and 1000 after another eighteen, the effective price after 36 months is 4379 Rupees.

Do note that the 169 Rupee Airtel 4G VoLTE recharge is necessary to be eligible for the offer to get the cashback. In other words, you have to recharge your airtel number with at least 3000 Rupees in eighteen months to avail the offer. The 169 Rupee 4G VoLTE recharge gets you 0.5GB of data each day and unlimited calling which is the norm with all companies.

Source: Fonearena

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