Airtel, Idea & Jio Cashback Offers | Where All 3 Stand & How They Compete Against Each Other

All of you have heard about the Idea, Airtel and Jio Cashback offer. These three telecom operators are offering cash back. Airtel has selected phones on which it is giving cash back, Idea is giving cashback on all new 4G phones while the Reliance Jio is offering cashback on new smartphones and also giving cashback on recharging your number with the plan above 398. But if you are confused which cashback offer is best, then here is a full clearance of all the cashback offers of Airtel, Idea and Jio. Check it out which is worth cashback offer – Idea, Airtel or Jio.

Airtel Cashback Offer

Let’s Start with the cashback offer of Airtel. Airtel is offering cashback under the “Mera Pehla Smartphone” Initiative. The Airtel cashback offer is of Rs.2000 which comes in two instalments. The first instalment of Rs.500 which will be credited after 18 months and the second instalment is of Rs.1500 which will be credited after next 18 months. But to cashback, there are two conditions. Customers will have to purchase a new 4G phone that comes under the Airtel Cashback offer scheme and under the Airtel Mera Pehla Smartphone Initiative.

Secondly, users will have to recharge with 169 rupees monthly to become eligible for the cashback. So if we calculate the amount it will be like this – Cashback offer is for 3 years which means 1095 days. For up to 18 months users will have to spend Rs.3304 approximately to get Rs.500 cashback and for next 18 months again users will have to spend Rs.3304 approximately to get Rs.1500 cashback. And the most important thing is this offer is not valid for all users and only new smartphone buyer can avail this offer.

Idea Cashback Offer

Idea Cellular is also offering cashback of Rs.2000. But this offer is a step ahead of the Airtel Cashback offer of Rs.2000. The Idea Cashback offer is applicable to all new 4G phones. There are no selected phones. Every new 4G phone is applicable to the offer. Idea Cashback offer also comes in two instalments – the first instalment is of Rs.750 will be credited after the end of 18 months and next 1250 will be credited after the end of 36 months which means 3 years.

Now Idea is giving cashback if a user will recharge his/her number with Idea 199 pack or above. So a recharge of minimum 3000 is necessary for the cashback for the first 18 months and then again minimum recharge of Rs.3000 for next 18 months. This will become a total of Rs.6000. After the successful 18 months, users will be credited with Rs.750 and then Rs.1250 after 36 months.

Jio Cashback Offer

JIo is offering two cashback offers, the first one is for all new 4G smartphone buyers and the Offer is Jio Football Offer. Under this offer, Reliance Jio is offering a cashback of Rs.2200. For this users will not have to wait for the 36 months. But the cashback offer is applicable on the first recharge of Rs.198 or 299. After the recharge of 198 or 299, 44 vouchers of Rs.50 each will be credited to the customers Jio Account. Users can use these vouchers for future eligible recharges. Only one voucher can be used at a time.

The next cashback offer is 100% cashback offer. This offer is applicable for al Jio sim users. In this offer, users will get 8 vouchers of Rs.50 each on the recharge of Rs. 398 or above. After the successful recharge users will get vouchers credited to My Jio Account. These vouchers can be used for further recharge and only one voucher can be used at a single time.



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