Airtel Now Offers 3GB (4G) Data Per Day on Airtel 549 Plan Recharge with Free Calls & More Benefits

If you thought JIO 4G was taking things by storm with data plans as high as 2GB per day then think again. This time Airtel has got a solid game plan and it is finally ready to walk that extra step to take on Jio 4G. Airtel has announced a new set of plans this quarter and the biggest talking point of that all is the recharge option of 549 Rupees which offers 3GB of 4G data per day. We are a long way ahead of the times when the feeble 1GB per month used to last us long but the price war between JIO 4G and Airtel has benefitted the customers so much that they might be better off without their broadband connections at home.

About The New 549 Rupee Recharge Pack That Offers 3GB Of 4G Data Per Day

JIO 4G was virtually free for its customers for a long time but later retorted to slightly increasing its prices little by little to a point that it is not the cheapest telecom network in India at all. Airtel 4G has announced a new set of recharges, so lucrative that they might as well bring back its lost customer base. Airtel has announced new recharge plans worth Rupees 549 and 349 which almost doubcle up on what the JIO 4G is offering with its similarly priced recharges. The 349 Rupee is the most competitive recharge segment for all the telecoms in India and while JIO offers 1GB of data for a slightly more validity, Airtel has doubled that data to 2GB for a validity of 28 days. Similarly, the talking point of the game plan the 549 Rupee recharge gets you 3GB of 4G data per day for a period of 28 days. This is significantly higher than the 2GB JIO 4G offers.

Airtel Might Have Doubled The Data But JIO Still Offers At Least 15 Days Of Validity More

Airtel might be looking on to dethrone the JIO 4G network from the per day data war by offering 2GB and 3GB of data on 349 and 549 Rupee Recharges respectively but JIO 4G still manages to give you at least 15 days of validity on the 509 Rupee Recharge that offers 2GB of data per day. The only JIO 4G plan offering 3GB data per day like Airtel are the 799 rupee packs that come exclusively for iPhone customers.

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