Airtel Users Will Now Enjoy Unlimited Data Even After Daily Data Usage Limit | Great Step By Airtel To Counter Jio

Finally, the wait is over and Bharti Airtel has added a new benefit to its all unlimited plan that offers unlimited calling and daily data usage limit of the 4G data. The new benefit added to the Airtel Unlimited plans is the unlimited data usage even after the usage of daily data. Now users can enjoy unlimited data usage even if their daily high-speed data usage limit is over.

This is a great move by Airtel because until now only Jio and some plans of BSNL were offering the unlimited data usage after the daily usage limit. Now Airtel is the third telecom operator that is offering unlimited data usage after the daily data usage limit. Check all details here.

Airtel Unlimited Data Usage @ 128 kbps After Daily Data Usage Limit

This is really an amazing step by Airtel to provide unlimited data usage. This is the only thing where Airtel was behind Jio. But Airtel is one step ahead as it offers 128 kbps speed which is double to Jio speed after daily data usage. Until now Airtel users will have to wait for the next day to use the data or have to recharge with a special recharge plan to use data.

But now in the same plan, Airtel users will not have to wait for the next day to use data. Once the high-speed data usage will be consumed, the speed lowers to 128 kbps and data usage remains free for the whole validity plan. Airtel has many plans that offer different validity periods and different daily data usage limit. But there was no plan that was offering truly unlimited data usage.

To understand, if you are Airtel user and have an unlimited plan in which you are getting 3GB Data per day. Up to 3GB, you will get high-speed data usage. But once the limit is over then you will get a speed of 128 kbps for the whole day and the speed will be revised to high-speed next day (after 12 am night).

Airtel Now Directly Competes With Jio

With this great move, now Bharti Airtel directly competes with all Jio Plans. All the plans of Jio offer unlimited data usage after the daily data usage limit. But if we the speed, Airtel is offering double speed after the daily data usage limit. One side, Jio is offering 64 kbps speed after daily data usage limit and on the other side, Airtel is now offering 128 kbps speed after daily usage limit. This is double speed as compared to the speed of Jio.



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