Airtel Takes on Jio, Launches Airtel VoLTE Services in Chennai | More Cities Expected Soon

In a bid to compete with immensely popular JIO telecom Airtel has launched its voLTE services in Mumbai and they are soon to reach Chennai as well. This ensures that the Airtel customers in these cities will be able to make HD quality voice calls from their network. The services are already available in Mumbai and will launch in Chennai soon. Airtel said that there are no extra costs for the Airtel voLTE services and the charges will be as per the existing plan.

Why Airtel voLTE better than 4G:

voLTE services known as voice over LTE enable the user to make voice calls over LTE network and hence provide HD quality in the call. The user experiences faster call connect times and is also able to enjoy high speed 4g data speeds while the call is in progress.

Competition to JIO:

Airtel voLTE has an edge over JIO this time around as JIO has no 3G or 2G network to fall back upon. In case of Airtel voLTE if the user is in a network zone where voLTE is not available the voice services will depend on the 3G or 2G network. This ensures that Airtel users will still be able to make calls once they move out of the areas with voLTE access.

Not all handsets are compatible with Airtel voLTE

Last year JIO services forced a number of smartphone manufacturers to launch voLTE 4g handsets in the country however not all of them are still compatible with the Airtel voLTE network. Airtel says the smartphone manufacturers will have to update their phone softwares in order to make Airtel voLTE services work on them. Airtel has though introduced a list of phones that are already compatible to the network’s voLTE services. These include apple’s iPhone 6 and newer including the iPhone SE. Samsung A series, J series, ON series will also be compatible. Coming ot Xiaomi a widely used smartphone company in India only three models support Airtel voLTE for now namely – Mi Max, Mi5 and the Redmi Note 4. The complete list is available here

Airtel plans to launch voLTE support throughout the country in the next few months


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